Tuesday, January 08, 2013

"The Walking Head"

What's up people?

So I thinking about something yesterday and today, and no I didn't strain my brain too hard, thanks for asking;)

I was thinking about doing a project both here and at other blogs where we sorta' swap/take-over each other's blog for a day.

Here's what I mean:

Back in the day when the original Image founders were actually speaking to each other, they came up with a one-time concept of each founder doing a single issue of another founder's book.

So for example, Erik Larsen did Spawn, Jim Lee did Savage Dragon, and so on.
Some worked, some didn't; some founders liked it, some didn't. But the point is, it was a new and innovative concept for the time.

With that idea in mind, I'm officially putting an offer out to the other 5 and really anyone else that submits a really good idea, for a future post to published here @ The House.

It'll stay in the record books, and be in continuity, as much as my blog actually follows that sort of thing;)

So how do we do this thing?

Outside of any other  way of doing this, and if anyone else has a really good suggestion, I'm open to them, ideally someone would submit how the post would go, w/pictures attached in an e-mail.

Primarily with the circle of guys that contribute here, namely Omega Agent1, Googum, Dan, and Shlomo, we all pretty much follow a set pattern of posts and topic/subject ideas.

Dan's like the world-wide/international reporter of the group, always informing of stuff/products/comics that are coming out or even really nice human interest stories.

Googum's the other skit guy besides myself, as well a weekly showcasing of his collection of 80-Page(or more) comics. Not to mention any other comic he feels like to bringing to the forefront.

Omega Agent's the Bronze Tiger blog guy; he has the 1st and in my opinion, best BT blog out there. He also represents diversity in the arts and comics. Not to mention you should seriously check out his custom action figures. I shit you not, the man is one phone call away from working at a toy company. mark my words on that one! He also tends to showcase fictional themes and stories, but weaves real historical facts or feels into them. He truly has a unique pov.

Then there's Shlomo; Probably the hardest working Jew I know in the blog-business:) He runs not only his own Suicide Squad-centric blog, devoted to all the coming and goings related to the real Suicide Squad(Long live the Squad!) but a blog devoted to ROM, the living space knight of the 1980's, and other various international blogs reporting on world/international news related to the Middle East. So very hard-working, very diverse guy there.

Now that's basically how I'd sum up what each blogger and what they do, but trust me, it doesn't really do them or their blogs justice. That's a really much too simplistic generalization of what they bring to the table. But you all get the idea.

So guys, what you think?
I know everyone's usually busy with their own thing, not to mention our own lives, so I'll give out a general deadline so to speak of the remainder of this year, 2013, to make it happen.

Again, I'm more than open to any suggestions on how to do this. I'd love to do something different, something unique, and something we can all look back on be proud of....you know, blog-wise;)

And I'd also like to extend the offer to anyone else out there who thinks they'd contribute a really good and entertaining guest post here @ The House.

If you need some guidelines or examples of what I do, well here's my blog summed up in two easy parts:

-Skits. You know 'em, and hopefully love 'em too. If you're an avid reader of this blog and my skits, then you know I've obviously been strongly(and heavily) influenced by both a show like Robot Chicken and the OG Robot Chicken, the wizard-published magazine Toyfare.
Not to mention any other blogs or websites, like itsalltrue.net, that feature figures do naughty and funny things.

-Music. Or more specifically Album reviews or now, the Top 5 list. It's that simple, yet each of these posts are filled with my love of the band or artist, and the particular album or song of theirs I'm talking about. This applies especially to my most beloved of genre, Classic Rock. I'm a fucking sponge of useless knowledge when it comes to this subject, yet I constantly learn new stuff, as how it should be.

So there, that's my blog stripped down and simplified into two basic parts.

So whatta' guys think?

Finally, on today's skit featuring probably my favorite subjects, The Doom Patrol.

I guess that's as good an explanation as any, as to how The Chief's up and walking again;)

Which also reminds of that one episode of South Park, where Christopher Reeve was killing babies and sucking out their stem cells/spinal fluids to walk again. Yeah I know, funny and gross. And the whole time he's being opposed by Gene Hackman, or as Reeves calls him "Hackman". Hilarious.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

that was pretty gross even by South Park standards. so tragic how it all went down for Christopher Reeves but i really respect him for having continued working as an actor after his accident. same goes for Michael J. Fox after he went public for having Parkinsons and then continuing to act despite his symptoms. as for the stem cell debate it's a no brainer the people who are alive today with ailments that could be remedied through stem cell research should always take priority.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah pretty much. Although that whole procedure's going to have be closely monitored and regulated because you know some asshole's going to try and abuse the technology.

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