Thursday, November 29, 2012

"What If?....Hal Jordan was Emo?"

What's up y'all?

Ha ha, welcome to another thrilling post from yours truly, Mr. Morbid.

Anybody watch Arrow and American Horror Story:Asylum last night?
Oh good God they were both awesome as hell, as both shows really hit it out of the park for this week's respective episodes.

Arrow gave us the arrival of The Huntress, or at least the person she'll become next week. So glad Ollie's finally found his match and a woman that truly understands his mindset, as we were introduced to the lovely Helena Bertinelli and her father's mob empire that's dwindling down fast by the time we're introduced to them.

And much like the comic series, well the pre-52 one, she has a mad on for her gangster father, which is all due to him having killed off her fiancee. From there she wages a one-woman war on his empire, and of course Arrow gets dragged into it. But then he was already going after her father anyway for the hit on some associate that nearly killed his mother, thus sparking his interest in Mr.Bertinelli.

A bunch of things happen and Arrow winds up facing off against her, and then teaming up with her towards the end, after she's been discovered by her father's partner. At the end, they decide they're the only two people that really gets each other and then they proceed to go do the vertical tangle/naked pretzel.

Next week shows a transformed Helena Bertinelli in full costume as The Huntress, as Arrow's now training her. Glad he's got a crime-fighting partner now, but you just know shit's going to go bad eventually. It just has to. Still, it's going to be a fun ride, so I can't wait until next week.

AHS is also continuing to entertain me, with all of the constant plot twists and turns every episode. I love how every time there's a sliver of hope for each one of the characters, something happens to fuck that up, ensuring that no one's going to get a happy ending, no matter how deserving they are of one. Love it!

And now for the main event, a brand new skit featuring Black Hand and my new addition to the family, Black Lantern Hal.



Ha ha. No seriously, my BL Hal figure has a small, but very noticeable poo-stained streak on his right cheek. And no I don't why that is, but the Mr. Hanky explanation works for me:)

Have a good weekend folks.......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

"brown smutz"? i don't even wanna know.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, you know, that Jewish word for stuff or mess on your face. I probably misspelled it since I was too lazy to double-check it. But you get the idea. And yeah, it really does look like someone slapped with a turd or a brown-covered cheeto:)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i see that you saw my comment on the tessatechaitea blog for the SS#14 review. hey about that Yo Yo he's still pretty jacked up from having been inside King Shark's stomach. he looks zombified now.

Omega Agent1 said...

Check your star sapphire and see if she has her swimsuit on or if her smile says -- ooh he did that.

Man I wrote a book, to reply to you over at my spot and it's cool that you talked to Shlomo. I'm going to call or text you too. I want to get in on the brothehood and start us a joint blogspot. Whatever the case I'm all in.

Omega Agent1 said...

It wan't an incomplete thought on the first comment. I wanted you guys to set up a mental picture.

If her smile says -- ooh he did that.

Then what?

Does a nice cool breeze feel really good to her right now?

Is her leg still shaking?

Can she speak in complete sentences right now?

Can she walk across the room with out stumbling?

Dale man I can't keep entertaining the the will of the fun house.

is Hal having dreams of the bottom of a floating curved mountain with slick caverns and........

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega, check your e-mail brother, I e-mailed you my cell number. But hell yeah, the more the merrier:)

A joint blogspot? That actually sounds pretty good. I've actually been flirting with the idea of having one you guys do something like a guest post or column, so yeah, sounds good.

In that outfit, there's no telling what Star Sapphire's feeling down there, but I'm sure I'd like to be the bottom piece of that thong she's wearing:) I'm talking all up in the cooch area, you know?:)

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