Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random Acts of Doom

Is it really Thursday already?

Well last night's episodes of Arrow and American Horror Story: Asylum were excellent as usual, with AHS having one hell of a twist at the end. Just, Damn!

I highly recommend to anybody out there who hasn't watched these shows yet, to please do it. You'll thank me for it later, or maybe sooner depending on when your lazy asses finally do it;)

Onto some quick mini-skit bits that feature Dr. Strange, and yes Dr. Doom.
I bought the new ML version of Dr. Doom monday, and am generally pretty pleased with how he turned out.   Now while a couple negatives/minor nit-picks are inflexible cape(that still looks nice) one fixed hand that's stuck in "I should be holding a Cosmic Cube or something" pose, and the slight lack of flexibility and articulation on his legs. Other than that, he works for me, even though the 1st ML wave Doom is far superior to this. But whatever. I finally gots me a Dr. Doom figure, and am loving it.

Oh and did I mention his mask comes off?
Yep, it does, and it reveals and weirdly smiling burnt-ass face. Maybe this was a repainted unmasked Deadpool head or something, idk.

So yes, expect lots of future skits involving ol' burnt face, as well as one I'm currently working on featuring Doom taking issue with the Doom Patrol "stealing his name."

Good stuff, I assure you:)

And now, on with the show.......

Free Wallpaper:
Ha ha!

Have a good weekend folks.........;)


karl said...

Doom would kick ~~Strange's ass any day!

Dale Bagwell said...

You would think so, especially after how much Hickman built up Doom to the point that he started his own universe with an Infinity Gauntlet, but history shows more wins in the Dr. Strange column than Doom's.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend What If?#52(Vol.2) It's where Doom becomes sorcerer supreme instead of Dr. Strange. Good stuff.

Thanks for stopping by:)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

"dude, fix your fucken face". i should have used that line on this thing friday night:

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah really. That's a line from the movie Vanilla Sky actually.

Oh and I watched that thing and left a comment, but what I said was "Wow! Sinead O'Conner has not aged well has she?

Omega Agent1 said...

I don't know Karl but Karl knows DOOM! DOOM is pimp, after rock paper sissors DOOM would have beat the shit out of Strange and took his cape. DOOM does not play.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

funny you should say that Dale i saw her recently and she sure doesn't look like she used to even taking when taking the years that have passed into account.

Dan said...

Dr Strange vs Doom always goes down well, especially on Mr Morbids! What about the elseworlds where the two are an evil team. Not that Doom would ever think he needs a Robin, but with a twisted Stephen they would be pretty invincible!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega, idk, Strange is no push-over by any means, hell he survived a double-cross by Doom when Doom tried to trade Strange to Mephisto in exchange for the his mother's soul, so there's really no limit to how far or devious Doom can be.

But yeah, Doom, especially in Dr.Strange's cape, is pretty pimp. "Now where's my money honey?"

@Shlomo, figured you might appreciate that one;) That chick was nuts and so hate-filled she must poop out racist remarks all day:)
I like how one commenter said she's just mad because she never had any kids, and by extension, a man to marry/love her....Priceless:)

@Dan, awww, thanks for the very kinds words mate. I do try, I swear.
There was an evil Dr. Strange in the Giffen/Maguire 2005 Defenders mini, but an evil, team of those two? Now that would be a kick-ass force of evil. I may have to make a skit of that, so again, you win another free no-prize for the suggestion:) Anymore and I'll send you a whole case of no-Fosters. Sound good?

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