Monday, December 03, 2012

Fun with humans

Hey people!

Fuck me, can't believe it's December already! I say this a lot, but seriously, where the hell does the time go? It seems the older I get, the faster time goes by, and I'm pretty sure it's not just me thinking that.

Maybe something like the Time Trapper(famous LoSH villain) really does exist, and that's where it all goes. You know like when you lose you the other half of your pair of socks, or underwear. It just goes somewhere....Weird.

Anyhoo, speaking of weird, today's skit's based off those old "Help me, I've been stuck in the body of a gorilla" stories that were a staple of comics in the 50's and 60's.

Like this:

Yeah, you get the picture. Crazy times for sure right?

So without further ado, here's The Beast having some "Fun with humans".......

Funny guy that Beast is huh?

According to some comic news sources, like one of my faves,, Our ol' boy Hank might not be too long for this mortal world, as he's rumored to be killed off by Bendis really soon. If so, this would be the second popular X-Men killed off in what, two months? WTF!?

I guess eventually, every comic character get their change to go through the revolving door of love and death in the comic world, but still, it just all seems pointless.

I think maybe, just maybe, the general idea might be to replace the current original 5 with their younger, time-trapped selves. An idea that's been percolating for a good while now, so who knows. I know with the new X-Men: Days of Future Past movie in the works, the X-Universe is going be seeing some interesting changes and activity for awhile, good and bad.

As always, we'll just have to wait and see.....

Oh, this weekend I went to local comic book shop(it's been so long since I've been able to say that:) and picked up some things.

I bought a loose  Batman from the old DC Super-Heroes line. 

You know, it's the line that pre-dated the current DCUC line of figures. So that was nice, plus the guy threw in a Tim Sale Robin figure for free. He looks okay, but really looks more like an Asian girl or Jubilee in a Robin costume w/ a bath towel for a cape:)

Then I had to do it. I didn't want to, but I had to. I bought the DCUC White Lantern Flash from the Nekron wave.I had to because for some weird reason I was strangely compelled to complete my Nekron figure, and he looked so sad and pitiful missing that left leg, so I bough white Barry(not Barry White;) and now he's complete.

He's not a bad figure per-say, but you can tell by the pictures, he's more gray than white. I refer to him as the "Ghost of Barry Allen", and that's probably how I'll use him in future skits. 

As for the comic front, I almost bought the New X-Men issues featuring the younger originals, but passed, just like I did on the new Jason Arron Thor: God of Thunder series. It looks good, with great art and a compelling hook of telling 3 different Thor stories at the same time using the past, present, and future set-up, but I just passed on it anyways. Maybe I'll go back and get them, idk.

What I did buy though, was The Shadow#8 from Dynamite Comics, and Batman Inc.#5. Yes I know, I bought a Nu52 book again, but before you buy me a seat on the hypocrite express, this issue which follows the last one, features the conclusion to one of my favorite recent Morrison story plots, the logical conclusion to the Damien Batman future world. It wasn't bad, and ties in with what Batman's been worried about for awhile now; that if Damien becomes Batman, Gotham's fucked! And oh yes, it really is!

I also finally got to watch the movie Inception by recent Batman trilogy director Christopher Nolan, and I really enjoyed it. It's long as fuck though, clocking in at 3 hrs, 30-35 mins long, but worth every minute.

Oh, and Shlomo's already mentioned it, but I got to talk to him this weekend on the phone, thus putting a voice to the face. The dude's a trip, but I wouldn't have it any other way:)

So 2 down, 2 to go(Omega, Dan you guys are next;)

Have a good one people......


Randomnerd said...

Shlomo is one of the best people in the world to get to know. I know I've never regretted it for a second. Or a microsecond. Or even one of those seconds stolen by an evil LoSH villain.
Speaking of which, you're just getting around to seeing Inception NOW? I'm now concluding you don't have enough people bugging you to go see cool new movies. Even I saw that one in the theater, and I'm the recluse in my group. It is great movie. Bears repeat viewing and such.

You really had me cracking up with the Beast. It's completely in character too. Although I think Bobby probably would have gone along to help him out. Play along either as a scared observer or the guy busting him out of the cage before the enraged ape ate his arm off. :) Ah, hijinks. I do miss those old X-Men.
Thanks Dale.

Dan said...

Beast is the best :) I remember an issue of the Hulk once were we stood his ground against the green guy solo. Other than that I think the dude's always been pretty right in the head.

And hey after all this time, I actually have that Batman figure!! I read once it's modelled off art by Whilce Portacio but who knows what you can believe on the internet.

Oh yeah deff go with mates to see Inception. Just not on of those noise repeater mates though, or afterwards all you'll hear is rrrrarrrnnnnkkkkk rarrrannnkkkkk all afternoon long. Its enough to drive a sane man Australian!

Omega Agent1 said...

Random is right, Inception is a good movie. It was long but it gave the characters time to develop as well as the complicated story. This is one of Nolans best just like your setup with the comic covers. Fucking A man.

The covers lead me right into the skit with my favorite version of the Beast. I hate the cat mutation. And absolutly luv the idea of the original Beast coming back.

What I'm trying to understand is like you said, killing major characters as frequently as they do then bring em right back is pointless and nobody cares.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random, aww, thanks for the kind words:)

That would've been a good idea to use Iceman, but since I don't have that figure, maybe Nightcrawler? anyway, it just seemed like something he'd do, so glad you liked it.

Actually Inception's been one of those movies I've always planned to watch, but for some reason or another, never got to it. But I'm glad I did. It was super long, but well worth it. It probably does bear another viewing, as I went to to make sure I was right in what I had seen, because I was confused after Cobb wakes up in the plane ride, looking spooked. I didn't realize until reading the plot, that the rainy day sequence was the chemist's dream, so really there was 4 levels of dreams, not counting limbo, where Cobb has to go back to get Saito. Damn good movie though.

And yes Shlomo is the man, but then he already knows that;)

@Dan, or kiwi I imagine:)
Glad you got that figure, so maybe when you have the free time, you can so a skit of your own. I would fucking love to see that! No pressure:)

@Omega, yeah I know, it's just how these companies operate though. What can you do? It's their characters so they can do whatever the hell they want with 'em, and they usually do.

It's sad too, because death in comics used to mean something, just not anymore.

Oh, and I went back to your blog, but noticed for some reason that my previous comment doesn't show up.
Anyhoo, the jist of it was that I agreed with you that Ostrander didn't spend as much time developing BT as he might have did with Deadshot, Waller, Capt. Boomerang, and Rick Flag Jr., but like you said he did spark enough interest in just those few issues that led you to creating your blog, and making him stick in alot of people's minds. Hopefully if that new Beware the batman animated series is still coming out, and still features BT, hopefully that will lead to renewed interest in BT across the board and with comic creators alike.

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