Thursday, November 08, 2012

So, you want to be a Metabaron huh?

Hey people?

Anyone catch last night's awesome episode of Arrow? Other than Randomnerd:)

Well it was just that; completely awesome and-, oh yeah, hey Random, spoiler alert, so feel free to skip this part of the post unless you want to know what happened;)

At the beginning of the show, we're recapped as to why Ollie's been arrested. And a very cool Easter egg just happens to show up while the cops are taking Ollie's mugshot.
Did you catch what it was?

 Take a serious look at those numbers. Did you catch the significance?

If you're a true comic book fan/nerd, then you know that the Green Arrow made his debut in More Fun Comics#73 in 1941.

Of course looking at the cover you wouldn't know that since Dr. Fate was front and center on it, but he did.

So when I saw that, I was like nice. Hey I'm glad at least someone working for DC still respects their older history. So rare these days you know;)

Now on the main topic at hand, The Metabaron.

I guess in order to explain why I'm so fond of this series, I need to go back to when I first saw this series, back in ye old late-1990's.

It was one of my more frequent trips to my not-so-local comic book store, that I just happened to catch this particular title on the rack. The beautifully painted and illustrated cover by series artist Juan Gimenez caught my eye and never let it go, as I poured through pages of pages of this now classic epic story.

I can't stress enough the pure awesomeness of the art.

As for the series itself, it was created by writer Alejandro Jodorowsky and Juan Gimenez for their comic series Incal in 1981. At the time, the Metabaron concept was just a supporting character that grew into it's own series, published by Humanoides Associes, a french publishing company.

I had to go back and do some research online a bit, since I only a little bit about the concept and the story based on the few issues of this series I do have. I keep forgetting to get the rest, so there's always that.

But basically the main story is about a character/characters named the Metabaron. His loyal robotic servant Tonto tell the other robotic servant Lothar the whole background and story of how the whole Metabaron thing came into existence  And trust me folks, it's a very wild and crazy journey through many generations of Metabarons.

This whole series reeks of classic Greek drama, and with the factor in the main drive/conflict being the father vs. son(and sometimes daughter) aspect of the Oedipus Complex, you quickly understand this is nothing at all like the classic plot set-ups of most mainstream superhero stories. Not by a damn sight!

I read the wiki write-up and it says the Jodorowsky was heavily influenced by the classic Sci-Fi series Dune. Well yeah, I can see that as well, since again, the family aspect of the story is so crucial to the development of the Metabaron(s).

The main premise is that every generation, the father willingly tortures and injures his son, so that the son can learn to deal with pain, and rise above all that, making him a true warrior. Yeah, these guys don't exactly win the best parent of the year or century award, but they could care less.

The cycle ultimately continues on this way generation after generation, with the son being forced to kill his father and take his place. Then when the times comes for that son to have his own son, the cycle repeats itself and so on and so forth until we get to the current(and final) Metabaron.

So yeah, again, not your father's comic, and certainly not a kid-friendly one either, but it's still damn good and very worth checking out.

The series wrapped up for good in 2003, but you should still be able to find the individual issues and/or collected trades either at your local comic book store, or by shopping online @ either or any other online bookstore.

Again, I can't stress just how cool and refreshing this series is, compared to the usual mainstream spandex-clad stories. This one is pure gritty Sci-Fi drama, that you should have no problem sinking your teeth into once you start at the beginning, or hell just start at the beginning of any Metabaron's story. You don't need to read them all to enjoy this series, but it does help, since they're all in chronological order from first to last.

You can go straight to this link to learn more about this series and the entire Metabaron history:

Hope you do, 'cause this series is all sorts of awesome:)

Have a good weekend folks!


Omega Agent1 said...

This guy decapitates his own newborn and grafts the baby body onto machinery!?! Damn! Where the Hell is DFCTS when you need em?

All these Bastards need killin.

Dale Bagwell said...

I know right?:) But as I mentioned this is a ritual that occurs every generation where the father mutilates his son and grafts mechanical parts onto him. making him a cyborg so that he can become the ultimate warrior(not the gibberish-spouting, rope-shaking pro-wrestler kind:)

The son ultimately kills the father, thus taking his place and becoming the next Metabaron. It's a code onto itself not unlike certain ancient traditions.

So yes, the father does get his comeuppance in the end, every time, guaranteed.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well i guess that answers my question about if you've been watching Arrow and what you think of it. what night and what time does it come on?

Dale Bagwell said...

Wed nights @ 8pm. Youtube the shows you've missed, and definitely last weeks, since it has Deathstroke in it. He's bad-ass!

Randomnerd said...

I'm sorry Dale, but Ollie being arrested is hardly a spoiler. I mean, they had to do that at some point, right?

And you have successfully triggered my interest in yet another Greek tragedy related comic book series. Go you. Dagnabbit. Especially when you mentioned Dune, because, yeah, my interest in that book series was NEVER based on it's link to the whole Greek thing.

You guys are killing me.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random, well duh! yeah. But like the man said, it was all part of the plan. Trust, things are just beginning to heat up on that front.

And your welcome. Hey I make no apologies for liking the Metabaron season. It's sophisticated story-telling, yet no to complex you don't get it.

I wasn't, and still am not a big Dune fan, especially of other tv versions, and I get the appeal.
And you can definitely see the influence, if the Dune series really did have a hand in influencing the Metabaron series. But then again great minds think alike, and certain story beats are just archetypal you know?

Randomnerd said...

And have been since man could gather around the campfire and wax poetical about beating their daddy's heads in.

Dale Bagwell said...

Exactly. Oh, and I can't stress enough that last part...about bashing the father's heads in. Yep, classic stuff right there:)

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