Monday, November 12, 2012

"I'm just waiting on a friend"

Hey people, have a good weekend?

I sure as hell did, hanging out with old friends in Charleston. Damn good fun and much drinking was had by all:)
The weather was so perfect since it was in the 70's, and usually it's waaaay colder than that, especially that close to the ocean.

                                                           First getting into Charleston.......


                                                           Love that ocean view.....

But of course there's a drink there;)

Aww, sitting back and enjoying a nice drink @ Wet Willies. New FB pic:)

If you want to see the the rest of my "vacation" pics, go to my Facebook page and look for the folder that says "Best weekend evah!" And it was:)

Who's hungry for a new skit? Yeah? Well then you're in for a treat as we find Animal Man just waiting on a friend.....


 Yep. I bought the DCUC B'wana Beast figure and a Marvel select modern Thor figure online, and hopefully they'll both arrive in one piece by mid-week.

The B'wana Beast figure came in the Jungle/Animal Instinct 2-pack w/DCUC Animal Man(who'd I also love to have) and he just looks so damn cool, even though he is missing his nipples. Yeah, you heard me right; he's missing his sculpted nipples. What were the manufacturers sleeping on the job, and forget to use the Hawkman body or what?

But other than that, he's pretty cool to have around on the shelf, so be on the lookout for future skits w/ that crazy motherfucker.

The Marvel Select Thor's pretty good as well, with some pretty damn decent articulation, so that's good.

Usually the Marvel Legends have way more articulation than their Marvel Select counterparts, but this Thor figure seems to do alright on that account, so can't wait to see how that all goes.

Have a good one folks!


Omega Agent1 said...

Man the vacation seems so what a brotha needs right now. Glad you enjoyed yourself compadre and the skit was on point as usual.

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks man, I really did, and loved every minute of it. As usual it never seems to last as long as you'd like, but at least it happened.

I'm sure Shlomo probably needs a vacation too after living on a fucking ship for a week:)

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