Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Got Nipples?

What's up folks?

A short one today, but one that follows up on last week's skit, "Just waiting in a friend."
You know? That's the one where Animal Man was waiting on his buddy B'wana Beast to show up.

Well he did. And not exactly in the best of shape either.



Say it, don't spray it, right? Poor B'wana Beast:(

On a more positive note, last week I stumbled upon a new comic book store that opened up right next to a favorite Mexican restaurant of mine. It had been open for two week at the time, and I was just fucking ecstatic  No really!

There hasn't been a comic book store in town for the last 4 years, so to see this, blew my mind. 
It's called Nuklear Comics, and it's run by a very nice war veteran named Barry.
His main goal was to have a comic book store that was kid-friendly and open to everyone. And so far, that's what I've seen. Because you know, some comic book stores, the guys behind the counter can be complete dicks or snobs, and no one enjoys having to put up with that; especially not during these tough times in the industry that's trying to lure in new and young readers. So this guy's a very refreshing breath of fresh air, and I hope he stays in business a looooong time:)

So, naturally I bought a few things:)
Well not a few, but a lot really, and true to form, mostly figures(but some comics too)

I bought Jonah Hex(loose, but w/all his guns), Modern Booster Gold(Loose w/o Skeets), Mr. Miracle(loose), BL Hal Jordan, and the new(at the time) Brightest Day Green Arrow, who's looking very pimp I might add. He's what the current TV version of him should look like, so expect him to show up in future skits. Well all of them really, as the ideas are just swirling around in my head already.

Oh, and I also bought the the 1st Marvel Legends Beast figure. I was surprised that he doesn't have an ab-crunch, but everywhere else he's articulated out the ass. Oh and his mouth/jaw moves up and down, so you can actually pretend he's talking to you. You know, if you're into having pretend conversations with an action figure;)

Have a good one people.....


Omega Agent1 said...

Ha Ha this guy needs nipples and a new outfit, the outfit more.

When you get a chance go check this out and sound off. I want to know what you think. http://sodaesketchbox.blogspot.com/2012/11/t-vixen-bronze-tiger-references.html

Dan said...

Conversations with an action figure lol I so do not do that (turns) Shut up Optimus, I've already told you you're a prototype not an action figure!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega: I commented on there. Rosario all the way for me. Like you said she's the perfect,total package, with beauty as well as physicality as we've seen in Sin City.

And I'll go with your pick for BT. either that or Ibis from Thor.

@Dan: Ha ha. Hey, who hasn't moments like those at least more than once right?
I really need to hurry up and use that Beast figure in some kind of skit, just for the movable mouth alone:)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

that's nice about the new comic shop in your town. can't believe a B'Wana Beast figure was actually made.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo, Dude you have no idea how happy I am about that. So hopefully it'll stay in business for a good long while.

And I know right? Not to mention the 2 other figures that were made of him for the JLU Unlimited and Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoons.

Happy Thanksgiving Shlomo:)

Omega Agent1 said...

@Dale: I saw you overthere, man I want a SS movie so bad I can hardly stand it. An animated movie a DC short, something.

I thought Shlomo was on the boat the reason he hadn't said anything over at his girls spot.

@Dan: You better start listening to Prime. A space bridge vacation might be in your future, or mine if you talk to him right.

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