Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"You're not the same anymore"

What's up people?

So tomorrow's Turkey Day, what are you guys going do? Got that Turkey/Ham/Duck/Turducken/Veggie Roast yet? If not, you better get cracking.

Anyhoo here's another brand new skit for you guys, as I continue a special week of nothing but new skits. Because you know, I like you guys:)


Who knew right?

Of course in the new 52, Eclipso's actually supposed to be coming back in a big way, as has been shown in All-Star Western and Team 7. So at least there's that, but how powerful will he be this time?


Omega Agent1 said...

I wonder if the Specter's stupid ass went in the back?

So Eclipso is set for a 52 appearance? Who cares. I want to trap him in that jewel and let Brimstone step on it.

DC make me sick, where is my guy? And I'm not talking about no cameo or Suicide Squad membership.

Tell me something, what's really going on in the DCU? It's the demographics right?.?

Dale Bagwell said...

He probably did. Hey, the man needed something for his honey right?

As for what's going on in the DCU, I honestly have no clue, and I have a sinking feeling no one over there @ DC does either. How else would you got the gross mis-characterizations, total non-stop crap that is the current reboot? I'm glad Batman and GL got spared pretty much, because they were the only titles was following, especially #14 of Batman because of the current "Death of the family storyline", but other than that? Epic Fail.

Somehow the sales numbers they get in keeps them in the black, meaning there weak shit sells, yet they're driving away older fans like us in droves. Doesn't make sense at all, so I stopped trying. Thanks to Shlomo though, I go here some free reviews and funny commentary on just what's wrong with the current books:

He's funny, and he's taken it upon himself to actually buy the stuff we don't, just so we know just how bad it really is.

Dan said...

I wish DC made it clearer where folks are popping up. Me I love the Spectre. Absolutely one of my all time Top Ten. Have been hoping Jim Corrigan returns behind the wheel and had an eye out. Then my weekly batch of comics arrives and one title has a one panel appearance by the Spectre feeling the issues ramifications. He's back already? Does anyone at DC want to let a brother know these things? It's not like I haven't spent over twenty years of my life throwing supposedly 'disposable' income their way. Jesus.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan, I hear ya' man, I hear ya'!
If you weren't following the Phantom Stranger's book, starting w/ the Zero issue, you wouldn't have know that yes The Spectre's back, and also that Jim Corrigan's back behind the wheel as well. Don't ask me why DC hasn't made more of an effort to advertise that one, especially considering one of the main bosses there, Dan Didio's writing the damn thing. Again, it confuses and amazes me to no end just how clueless and disorganized that whole company is; at least from the top up.

So yeah, I guess there product does fall under the category of disposable income, which is really quite sad considering the amount of competition comics have from video games to iPhones/Smart Phones.

Someone up there @ Warner's really needs to closely examine the current product and the piss-poor job of the editors and fix it quick. It won't be too long before the goodwill and sales the reboot's generated plateaus that drops off to dangerous levels, and then the reboot/reset panic button gets pushed again.

Omega Agent1 said...

Yeah, Batman and Green Lantern missed getting chopped and screwed. And my pockets miss that disposable income so bad. I will admit that the last issue of SS was good. The Joker is a mean mutha...don't let the big smile fool you. He's a dangerous cat.

Dale Bagwell said...

Especially the part where he threatened to give Deadshot's lil' Deadshot another briss. That actually was funny.

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