Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quicksilver's Lament

A quick one today folks, especially since the weather's nasty here today, and fucking with my Wi-Fi connection.

This skit's about who else, Quicksilver and his beef with not being used by Marvel.


The End


Yeah Seriously, how come Marvel hasn't used ol' Speedy yet? He's a shoe-horn since his sister is back in everybody's good graces again and back on the Avengers, so what gives?

And if not, then yeah, let Peter David have him again for X-Factor since he always seemed to write a damn funny Quicksilver.


Omega Agent1 said...

I guess at the end he got chastised from Wanda.

And don't worry, they always group certain characters together. Antman/Wasp,
Vision/Scarlett Witch, so you know their supporting characters are going to show up sooner or later. Wonderman, Magneto, Ultron and of course Quicksilver.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah they really do don't they? They're pretty incestuous that way.

I imagine since The New Avengers, and to some extent the Secret Avengers are supposed to have a large, rotating cast, that someone's bound to have a spot for poor ol' Quicksilver...even if he isn't allowed to remember or anything like that. Poor bastard:(

Dan said...

I always liked Quicksilver almost in that Namor vein, the anti-hero overly protective of his sister and never quite knowing what side he was on. There are so many great characters that don't fit 100% into the X or A camps, Marvel could easilly launch a new Champions or something with real established names like Quicky (though he's gotta hate that!) and do pretty well (as far as Quickies go ;)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan, yeah he could, he could. Like I said, he might have a shot at being in the Avengers at some point in the future with the large that the New Avengers are supposed to have, or maybe he and we, will all be surprised and he'll land back in X-Factor. That could work, and at least Peter David would treat him right.

We'll all have to wait and see....

Oh, and you're very right on the comparisons on him to Namor; I may make a skit on that, so thanks for the idea. You win a free no-prize;)

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