Thursday, July 21, 2011

You never forget your first.....

I have a hard time remembering my 1st ever actual comic. I started really learning to read by reading those little Archie digests that you see at some supermarket checkout sections. It was fun and all, and I quickly became a fan of a 40 year-old character. In fact, there was even a cartoon show to watch during the 80's.

But I quickly outgrew the gang from Riverdale, and went straight for superheroes. Spider-Man was an early favorite at the time, but I think my first actual superhero comic, was Uncanny X-Men#268.
I was about 9 at the time, and the beautiful Jim Lee art immediately got my attention. I didn't know who he was, jut that I instantly loved his art. Added to the fact, that the cover promised that I'd see Captain America and Wolverine together for the first time(for me it was) was a happy bonus.
I didn't know much about the characters inside, other than the most basic of knowledge of their origins and where I'd seen them all before. But for me, knowing what the story was about, or how the characters all got there wasn't as important to me as just being able to see them all drawn together in that beautiful style of drawing.
I've since brought myself up to speed on everything, but damn was that a cool issue!

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