Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Whatever happened to?........."

So I was thinking of blog ideas for his week, and then it hit; why not do one about Death's Head?
You remember Death's Head and DH2 right? They were both created by famous Marvel UK writer Simon Furman and artist Geoff Senior. If they sound vaguely familiar then that's because they're famous for working on Marvel's Transformers ongoing series back in the day. I still have a few issues leftover from that run, and man was I big fan back then. That's definitely a future post, so don't worry I'll get back to why I loved the Transformers.

Anyway, Death's Head was created by the team of Furman and Senior as a way to comment on the then current political and creative topics and movements of the day. DH was a robot bounty hunter who often found himself in very strange and weird situations.
After a while, and after meeting up with various Marvel heroes, Death's Head was targeted and killed by a highly-powerful cyborg called Minion. Minion was created by the criminal group A.I.M. and he absorbed DH's personality into his already large group of programmed personalities, and was renamed Death's Head 2.
This DH would interact w/ various Marvel superheroes throughout various Marvel UK mini-series and one-shots.
He too, had many adventures before his series was cancelled.
Also he was briefly shown in the Days of Future Present story-arc in Excalibur#'s 64(?)65-68.

It hasn't been until recently in the last decade, that either Death's Heads have ever appeared.
The 1st one appeared briefly in Paul Cornell's last issue of Captain Britain and M1-13, while the 2nd one was shown living in a possible future Earth in an issue of Bendis' Avengers.

There was also supposed to be a new Death's Head project launched in '06. This featured a new Death's Head who was supposed to be an earlier model o the very 1st Death's Head. This model would appear during the Planet Hulk arc.

What's next? That's up to Marvel, as Death's Head creator, Simon Furman wanted to expand more on the DH3 model, as well as bring the whole Death's Head saga to a final and satisfying end or him.
I guess we'll all have to wait and see huh?
If you want more info about Death's Head, you can click on this link to wikipedia.org's article on him.

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