Tuesday, July 05, 2011

"Would you just hurry up already?"

So how was your 4th of July weekend? Mine was pretty damn good; can't complain!

Heather and I went to Columbia, which meant I got to go to the comic book store, Heroes and Dragons.
As always, I wind up facing many a dilemma of what to buy, especially concerning action figures. I was stuck between a Marvel Select Juggernaut, who is fucking huge! A Marvel Select Hulk, also freakin' huge and both were around $21, so no go there even though they were both awesome-looking. Did I mention how big they were? Seriously, now I know where all of those steroids that baseball and football players took went to.

Here, you be the judge:

Yeah, so then I saw the same Aquaman/Black Manta Wal-Mart 2-pack that's been there for awhile now. It was $29.99, so over my budget, but damn do I want an original costumed Aquaman! Sure, the camo one is nice, but it's the orange and green number I really want! Oh well maybe next time....

 So then it was between a Fantastic Four 3-pack that included the disguised Thing, Human Torch w/Johnny head, and Mr.Fantastic for $24.95, and buying a DCUC Jemm son of saturn in just the back package for $7.95, ML Cycle Rider Series 1st App. Thing loose w/Cycle for $9.95, and a loose Spider-Man Classics Kraven the Hunter loose w/stand and knives. Decisions, decisions.
After long time going back and forth on the matter, I finally decided to go with the above option of Jemm/Kraven/Thing. I actually paid $24.95 for these 3 figures over paying $26 and some change for the FF pack. Not bad if I say so myself.

Kraven looks bad-ass w/his knives, and seems ready to take his place w/ my other Sinister Six members; Mysterio, Doc Ock, Sandman, Hobgoblin, and/or Demogoblin, Venom(eddie)or Venom(mac gargan).

Thing is cool-looking too, and Jemm, hey, he's cool too! I could do without his freaky E.T. fingers though, but what are you gonna' so right?

 I also noticed Monkey-God has a strange habit of wanting to commit suicide....alot. I don't know what it is, but for strange reason, just when I think I have him positioned in such a way that he won't fall, but he somehow manages to still jump off the shelf!

I don't know what his deal is, but he sure doesn't like being put on display. Must be a bad acid flashback to his zoo-days.

So who's going to be the 15th member of the new relaunched/rebooted JLA?

You have the big 6 w/Cyborg(He at least was in Super Powers people), then Hawkman, Deadman, Element Girl(hey she's cool), Firestorm, Atom, Green Arrow, and I think that's Mera. So who's the blonde? That's the million-dollar question, but we wouldn't find out until at least the end of August. Some say Zealot, others say Black canary, and some say Miranda Shrieve. Idk, but I hope they work, and not "work" as in forced to make sense.

Hey here's a weird pic I found while searching for Kraven action figure pics.......creepy!

Take it easy.......

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