Friday, July 15, 2011

"I, Magneto"

What day is it? TGIF Motherfuckers! How the hell are you?

Today's going to be a quick one, but a good one.

I opened an early birthday present yesterday, and I was extremely surprised at what was inside:
The Fantastic Four ML box set.
 This was the set I previously passed on the last time I was at my not-so LCS, in favor if the 1st App. Thing(Cycle rider), Kraven, and Jemm Son of Sautrn figures. So I'm really, really happy to have this set.
Looking at this set, I was surprised that the Invisible Woman was included, because I swore the FF box set I saw at the comic book shop didn't have Sue included. Idk, maybe I saw it wrong. Anyways I'm stoked to have this early birthday present all thanks to my loving wifey for lifey, Heather.

I used to love reading Classic X-Men and then later X-Men Classic, when they came out. You got great, original new covers to reprinted issues, as well as original back-up stories in the earlier issues. One of my favorites is I, Magento by Chris Claremont and John Bolton. This story is about when Magneto worked for an organization called Control, hunting Nazis that escaped to South America.
You quickly notice the headaches he gets that are related to his powers increasing, and how much pain they cause him. I don't know when he stopped getting them, but as his then physician Isabelle pointed out before being killed, the headaches were in direct relation to his being able to control/act as a conduit to Earth's magnetic field.
Isabelle gets killed by agents of Control RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! I don't know what the hell they were thinking, but of course they get theirs in the end. The whole situation's sad because you can see Magneto hasn't gone all the way bad yet; he's still haunted by his past actions and partly thinks he should go back to seek his old friend Charles Xavier's help in dealing with the headahces.

Being betrayed by Control just serves to prove him right in that humans and mutants will never live in peace together, and therein lies the real tragedy. If this hadn't happened, maybe Magnus' life would have ended up differently. Maybe he would have gone down the same path he did during the AOA, just without Xavier's dying to get him there.

What If? indeed........


David H. said...

that Magneto story was one of the best comic book stories i have ever read. and i really liked how they integrated aspects of it into X-Men: 1st Class.

Dale Bagwell said...

Me too. I really liked that movie, and then after re-reading this, it's so great that they actually took the time to incorporate this stuff.

This is quintessential Magneto right here.

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