Thursday, July 14, 2011

You just got Byrned!

Quick update people,
Apparently dispite what Mr.Byrne would have us think, he too is guilty of being a little racist.

Exibit A:
I'm sorry, now what was that about certain people at Marvel being racist again?
I guess this blows the notion put forth by former Canadian WWF/E wrestler Bret "The Hitman" Hart that Canadians aren't racist out of the friggin' water huh?

 I'm not saying directly that Byrne's a racist, but why draw shit like this if you soooo offended by racism in the workplace?
Also if he was, why would he racist towards blacks? If I recall my history correctly, Canada welcomed runaway and emancipated slaves during that time period; it was a known safe haven for black seeking sanctuary from slavery in the US. So I don't get it. I know he was probably trying to be funny, but seriously man, don't call other people out on their shit if you're doing the same thing. That's just in poor taste man.

Thanks to blogger Ethan Hoddes for providing that picture.

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