Monday, July 25, 2011

"He's making a list and checking it twice..."

After reading some good news in the form of the the reveals of the 2 new waves from Hasbro's Marvel Legends series, I figured I'd post my ideal list of figures that should've already been made by now.

Top 10 Heroes:

  1. Jack of Hearts- He just came back during the Young Avengers Children Crusade event, and was also just featured in the latest Marvel Zombies installment fighting off a zombified Squadron Supreme. Trust me, it's way past time Jack got his own figure. I'd have him come in his classic costume w/ interchangeable glowing hands, and maybe a vial of zero fluid.
  2. Dazzler- Why she hasn't been yet, I don't know, but it's also way past time for Allison Blaire to get her very own action figure. I figure she can come either in her famous disco outfit, or her blue outback era outfit. You can easily make one or the other a variant.
  3. Quasar- I'd like to see a really good to great version of this character. He should come in his current costume w/ a classic or Operation: Galactic Storm-era variant.
  4. Darkhawk- Marvel made a MU version, now it's time for a full-on 6" figure. He should come ideally in his current look w/ an original look variant.
  5. Damien Hellstorm- Well, since they already made a Mephisto and Blackheart figure, why not Satan's least favorite son? he should come in his classic look w/possible current look variant. And please include his famous trident.
  6. Hellcat- I say why not? And the costume could be the classic one or the dark Norm Breyfogle one, as a variant. Idk, maybe make Hellcat and Damien a 2-pack? They were married at one time you know.
  7. Blink- She's always been a favorite of mine during the AoA event, so why not make a figure of her. She should come with a removable cloak and translucent throwing staves.
  8. U.S. Agent- Yeah, so he's got a 3" figure in the Captain America line, but what he really deserves is how very own 6" figure. Use the Ultimate Cap body buck if you have to w/ new head sculpt. he could come with either his original black and red shield or his new eagle one. I like his old one myself.
  9. X-Man- For this version of Nate Grey, I'd prefer they go with his current Revolution X outfit over his original one. They could use two heads though, with one being his regular brown and grey-haired version, and the other his slightly bald/shaved look.
  10. Firelord- If Hasbro can make a Drax the Destroyer, than they can make this former Galactus herald as well. He'd have his flaming staff with him of course.
Top 6 2/mulit-pack Hero ideas:

  1. Squadron Supreme- Much like the DCUC CSA 5-pack that's coming out, you can either mix and match the MAX line versions with the originals, or make the MAX line version variants. Should include the main 5 with a 2nd series to finish off the rest if there's demand. So let's see Hyperion, Power Princess, Whizzer/Blur, Doctor Spectrum, and Nighthawk. Could come with tiny Tom Thumb figure.
  2. The Swordsman/Mantis 2-pack: Why not make these classic Avenger characters and play out there doomed love over and over again.
  3. The Inhumans 5-pack: Since Black Bolt was already made(but should really be re-done) why make the rest of the royal family? Set includes Medusa, Gargon, Tritton, Karnak, and Crystal. Idk, maybe squeeze a Lockjaw figure in there somewhere.
  4. The New Warriors 5-pack: These figures are also long overdo for some love. Set would include Kid Nova in his orange suit w/regular blue outfit as variant, Namorita, Marvel Boy(either in full face mask and/or half mask variant), Night Thrasher, and Speedball.
  5. Cloak and Dagger 2-pack: True there's already a Marvel Select version of Dagger, but wouldn't a true 2-pack of these characters be nice to own?
  6. Imperial Guard 5-pack:  I guess as long as Gladiator is in this box set, the rest of the roster could be whatever. I'd include Smasher, Warst'ar, Hobgoblin, and Neutron or Electron.
Some other suggestions for single figures: Starfox, Brother/Doctor Voodoo, Sleepwalker, Gravity, Sunfire, Captain Universe, and Starlord(both current and classic look).

Top 10 Villains:
  1. Grim Reaper- I can't believe he doesn't have a figure yet. Let's rectify that by putting one out w/ his classic horned look, w/ a zomibified, hooded version. Should have a detachable scythe w/ lasers and blasters.
  2. Grey Gargoyle- Another classic villain not made yet, but should. He's also featured in Fear Itself, so he's a no-brainer. Classic look, w/ maybe 2 sets of hands; one blue, one grey from when he's making people/objects stone.
  3. Living Laser- I want to see the classic version w/ a translucent "laser form" variant. Think the phasing variant for the Vision.
  4. Titania- Put her together with the 2 figures of her husband, the Absorbing Man, and watch the carnage unfold.
  5. Radioactive Man- Classic look only please. He just looks more bad-ass that way. Could come w/ translucent glowing radioactive variant.
  6. Silver Samurai- He'll be in the next Wolverine movie, and he's a popular thorn in the X-Men/Logan's side from time to time. He should be cinch to make. Let's see a removable metallic mask w/glowing sword.
  7. Destiny- She's pretty much the last hold out from Mystique's Brotherhood/Freedom Force group, so why not make her so they can help raise Rogue and Nightcrawler together right? She should have either a removable mask or masked head variant w/gun and journals.
  8. Baron Zemo(son)- They made his daddy, but not him? Right that wrong and make this Baron in his classic look. Could include a sword, blaster gun, and maybe a shredded Bucky outfit?
  9. Tiger Shark- This classic Namor villain deserves his own figure in his classic look w/ possible mutated current look variant.
  10. Count Nafaria- For a guy that could take down both Thor and Wonder Man at the same time, he really deserves a figure of his very own. Classic look of course.
Other suggestion: Killer Shrike, Batroc the Leaper, Madame Masque, Crimson Commando, Magnus(evil Adam Warlock), Blaastar BAF,and the Scourge of the underworld.

Top 5 2/multi-packs:
  1. The Hellfire Club 5-pack: Would include at long last; Sebastian Shaw, Harry Leland, Donald Pierce(w/interchangeable bionic arms), Jason Wyngarde(w/ Mastermind swappable head), and White Queen Emma Frost in her original outfit. Another 5th figure option is variant Black Queen Selene, or Black Queen Jean Grey.
  2. The Enchantress and Skourge the Executioner 2-pack: The ML line would finally add Amora the Enchantress in its line along with loving dupe the Executioner and his axe, machine gun, and removable helmet. Could be based off Aries.
  3. Frightful Four 4-pack: At long last we would see the evil FF! The Wizard, The Trapster, Titania, and the Sandman in his FF costume would make up this set. They could also swap Titania out w/Medusa if they wanted.
  4. The Serpent Society 5-pack: This would be a stretch, but if Hasbro does make a set like this, let's see Black Mamba, Asp, King Cobra, Bushmaster, and Diamondback or Sidewinder.
  5. The Molecule Man and Volcana 2-pack: Alright, maybe they can just make MM by himself, which would be cool with me. Otherwise hasbro can make the toy version of this pair from the Secret Wars.
And that's that. Let me know if you have any suggestions or remarks.
You can go to for the latest news on the upcoming ML line line-up starting next year.


StarryPluto said...

You really need to put this much effort into...almost everything else that you neglect on a daily basis...I'm just saying......Too bad you can't do this w/ our bills or the grocery list????

Dan said...

Legends should never quit - I can't see the sense in those little wee figures! So many here I'd second - the Warriors group pack - esp Speedball, U.S. Agent and Daimon Hellstrom!

Good call!

googum said...

A great list! I would straight-up stab somebody for a Quasar ML. (For me, he's the Gallant to Hal Jordan's Goofus...)

Dale Bagwell said...

-Dan, thanks for the comments, and yeah I think it's way past time a new Warriors set is made as well as that Damian Hellstorm figure. Maybe he can be paired up w/Brother Voodoo in a 2-pack.

-Goo, I know right? Why Quasar hasn't been made yet I'll never know.

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