Monday, July 18, 2011

"Monday, monday; can't trust that day....."

TGIM folks,
Have you seen the last Harry Potter movie yet? If not, I highly, highly recommend going to see it. Heather and I braved going to see the movie yesterday,  despite my feeling that the theater would be packed to the rafters with continuously- talking kids/teens. While there were a fair number of kids there, for the most part they actually remained somewhat quiet throughout the movie.
You have no idea how much that meant to me, as of the last times I went to see a Harry Potter movie(The Order of the Phoenix) the whole experience was ruined by a bunch of ass-hole teens who wouldn't shut the hell up, and kept kicking the back of Heather's seat for almost the entire movie. I say almost, because about an hour or so in, we had had enough of the BS. We left(Heather, her sister and I) but not before I got on one of the kids' faces and cussed him out. Thankfully after complaining to the head of the theater, we got comped tickets, and came back at a better time in order to see the rest of the movie.

Thankfully that didn't happen this time, and we both were able to enjoy the movie in its entirety. 
So what did I think? I loved it myself. 
Quick spoilers......

The ending does not follow the book. I was really glad about, as I thought the ending in the book was BS. All that Harry went through throughout his whole story, and no definitive ending between Voldemort and Harry I thought was wrong. I had hoped for a different and more satisfying ending, and that's what I got. 

Much was learned, like Dumbledore knowing that Harry had to die and was secretly preparing Harry for this was pretty cool. As was the fact and depth of how far Snape went to secretly protect Harry, and the secret love he always carried for Harry's mom. Good, good stuff.
Personally, I though Snape did get shaftted out of a more heroic death, but at least the memories he gave Harry before he died helped to soften that blow and vindicate him.
I also really enjoyed the 19 years later...epilogue they showed at the very end. To see Harry, Hermione, and the rest taking their kids to the same train station to Hogwart's which they did years earlier was a fine treat for the audience. 
Heather didn't think they looked old enough, but to be fair, they're not, and the make-up did a fair enough job to give the illusion of them all aging.
Again, I highly recommend going to see this film, especially if you've been following Harry's adventures from the 1st film, like I have. I can't believe the 10 year journey is done, but at least it was damn fine one.

A comic I'm reading right now, is the Marvel Zombies Handbook of Angels Demons & Monstrosities one-shot. It has a neat cover by Greg Land, and provides a bunch of info(useless or otherwise) on all your favorite angels and demons.
This thing covers a lot of infamous characters that have plagued the MU, such as Vampires, Werewolves, numerous Demons, and of course, Marvel Zombies.

I myself found some other odd entries in there. You have some evil scientists from Marvel's GA Timely days, as well as some one-shot characters like the Voyager and Hellfire. I think I'll check out some of these early 90's dark stories. Trust me, of you don't already have this issue, get it. It's very extensive in it's research concerning the numerous characters listed inside.

it looks like the 80th or something relaunch of The Defenders could be a reality late this year or early 2012.
According to news sites like, writer Matt Fraction and the husband/wife art duo of Terry and Rachel Dodson could be the new creative team behind the relaunch. We'll have to wait and see if this for real, but it sounds good so far....well at least the art side sounds good.

writer Jason Aaron and artist Marc Silveresti have been rumored to be the next creative team for The Hulk.
If so, wow!......and the Hulk's supposed to be a bad guy now, I think.

Have a good one.......

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StarryPluto said...

Older actors who looked like them would have been better. Or maybe just ending it where they did with the 3 of them standing on the bridge, would have been fine. It just wasn't realistic!!!

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