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"If wishes were fishes....."

Hey everybody,
just wanted to say how pleased I am by all the comments; it's nice to know sometimes that someone actually reads this crap. Just kidding, I love this stuff!

If you haven't already, you can head on over to either Toyark.com or itsalltrue.net for the latest pics and info on all your favorite toy lines, specifically on the ML and DCUC lines.

Yesterday I posted my wishlist of sorts for characters that should have already been made in the ML line. I'm pleased to see that I got to leave off Arim Zola since he'll be a BAF in Wave 2 of the ML relaunch next year. He'll be joined by Drax the Destroyer(he also was on my list), Cap Bucky, Ultimate Hawkeye, and I think Madame Hydra and Madame Masque. Those last 2 would really be a treat to see in figure form.

On the DCUC front, I recently learned that Wave 20 will be the last of the line, before being retooled to accommodate the recent rebooted DCU starting this September. There's more to the story, so again, head on over to itsalltrue.net and learn what's going on over on that end.
Wave 20, whenever that actually reaches stores, includes the following line-up:

  • Professor Zoom, the Reverse Flash(yesss)
  • Arsenal(or red arrow)
  • GA Flash Jay Garrick(about time)
  • Thom Kallor Starman
  • Red Lantern Atrocius
  • Hawk and Dove(not don, but dawn, so still cool)
  • Modern look Green Arrow
  • C&C Nekron
So not a bad  assortment of figures overall, but should've included a Elasti-Girl C&C instead of Nekron.
I don't think the line needed another GA figure, and if they were going to make Roy, why not go with the Speedy version so he could complete the Teen Titans along w/ an Aqualad figure too.

Alright, I guess I'll go ahead and be unoriginal and present you all with my Top 10 DCUC Hero and Villain wishlist:

Top 10 Villain list:
  1. Abbra Kadabbra- He's was thorn in both Barry and Wally's asses, so why not make this "magician" from the 64th century, to cause trouble for the Flash again?
  2. KGB Beast- How hasn't this monster of a man not been made yet? He could be reg. size or a C&C like Bane.
  3. Dr. Polaris- I just want to see this guy in his Silver Age attire please. Yes, the one with the magnet on top of his head. At least it looks better than his current 90's inspired crap look.
  4. Prometheus- He should be made just we can all crack Cry for Justice jokes. At least he was cool when Grant Morrison made him. Should come w/ a removable helmet,  and maybe a spare damaged one.
  5. The Top- I'll admit it; I just like his odd green and yellow outfit. But he did have cool powers before being killed by Captain Cold.
  6. Chronos- I've seen a kick-ass custom that looked like the real thing, so I know DC and the 4horsmen can play ball on this cool guy.
  7. The Shade- He could either look closely like the JLU version, or the straight up comic version. I'll take either one. Should include his cane, removable or not top hat, and some shadow demons to scare the other guys with.
  8. Poison Ivy- Why hasn't she been made yet? Are they waiting for Maxie Zeus or The Ventriloquist yet? Put her in her traditional look and watch the sparks fly.
  9. Jason Woodrue, The Floronic Man- If made correctly, this guy could look so damn creepy, even the Joker would say damnnnnnn!
  10. The Key- You could go either way with this guy; one version is the orange and brown suit, the other the Morrison version. Either one could be a variant, but I confess to really preferring his JLU look. He should come with a giant key, a key-droid, and maybe a lock...idk.
Some 2/multi-packs:
  1. The Rogues- It' simple really, just squeeze 5 of the best rogues not already made into a box set. Set should include: Weather Wizard, The original Trickster, Mirror Master, Pied Piper, and Heatwave. Or instead of the PP, you could re-paint Captain Boomerang to his original outfit and there you have it.
  2. Ra's Al Ghul and Talia Al Ghul 2-pack: What better way to stick it to Batman than to create this 2-pack for an instantly emotional and physical challenge for the Bat-God. Could include little Damian if they wanted to.
  3. The Extremist 5-pack: How cool would this set look like? I'd go with the recent Countdown versions of this villainous DC take on familiar Marvel villains like Doc Ock, Doc Doom, and Magneto. Included inside: Gorgon, Tracer, Dreamslayer, Dr. Diehard, and Lord Havok. Forgot what they look like?

Top 10 Heroes list:
  1. Elasti-Girl/Woman- Again, it's waaaay past time Rita was made so that we can all complete the Doom Patrol. She'd be a C&C of course w/ her red and white outfit.
  2. Aqualad- Sure he gets less love than respect than his mentor/father figure Aquaman, but that doesn't mean he should be excluded from this line. Plus, he serves(alongside Speedy) as the means to round out the classic Teen Titans.
  3. Speedy- Yes, there's going to be an Arsenal figure in the line, but wouldn't it be cooler to have a Speedy instead? He'll go nicely w/ the TT and the classic GA and Black Canary figures.
  4. Modern Doctor Midnight- I have the GA version, and wondered how come the modern version hasn't been made yet. Let's change that by making Pieter Cross, and giving some cool accessories like a medical bag/kit, some blackout bombs, and a new owl.
  5. Mera- Fans have been demanding her since Blackest Night and Brightest Day came out. She was planned to come out in the Wave 17 roster, but never made it due to "budget issues." It's time for some Mera please.
  6. The Unknown Soldier-  If DC can put out a Jonah Hex or Kamandi figure, than they can also find room for this cool guy. He'd have 1 or 2 fake faces to wear, just like Cobra's Zartan does.
  7. Sgt. Rock- See above; also who wouldn't want him, the unknown soldier, and Nick Fury to hang out w/Cap America and talk about old times? Hell yeah!
  8. Fire- They're bringing the ol' JLI back, so now's a good time to see this figure done in the DCUC style.
  9. Ice- See above; also now Guy Gardner would have his old girlfriend back to keep him company.
  10.  The Ray- I'd love to get the GA version of this guy, and then they could make his son, the modern version, as a variant.
Some 2/multi-pack ideas:
  1. Earth-2 box set- Finally we'd get to see some Earth-2 goodness. Set would include: Earth-2 Superman, Earth-2 Batman, Earth-2 Wonder Woman, Earth-2 Green Arrow, and either Earth-2 Aquaman or 
  2. Modern Hourman and Mod Liberty Belle 2-pack: Yeah sure LB's been going back and forth between this identity and her Jesse Quick one, some make Jesse quick a variant.
  3. Doom Patrol box set- Okay, stick Elasti-Girl/Woman in as the C&C, then pop in The Chief and Mento and you'd have the dream DP figure set. Mento would have his removable helmet, and the Chief would be similar to Prof.X, just not in a x-shaped wheelchair.
  4. Silver Age Hawk & Dove 2-pack: They made the other Dove, now here's the 1st one and brother to Hank Hall, Don Hall. It could be done, and it would look awesome.
  5. The Challengers of Doom- They were the precursors to the FF, so why not honor Rocky, Red, Ace,  and the Prof with there very own 1st time ever action figures?
  6. The Blackhawks- They seem to be forgotten or ignored when it's time to make figures, so why not just release a collector's box set with all of the original members in their original outfits.
  1. The Creature Commandos- Since DC's bringing 'em back, it'd make sense to put out action figures of them right? Let's see Frankenstein's monster, GI Robot, and the rest.
Alright I'm outta' here.......

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