Monday, April 04, 2011

"I went down to the Chelsea drugstore to get your prescription filled...."

Hello all,

Heather and I got back from our trip saturday, and what a great time we had! The weather warmed up a bit the last two days we were there, so no hard freezes for us. Wine-tasting, mirth, and merryment was the order of the day, and oh yes, plenty of wine. But alas, back to reality, where bills, world-wide bad news, and the basic elements of life comes to sober us up.

I did have one exciting and unexpected thing happen to me while on the trip; I found the DCUC Hourman figure I've been looking all over for, and now own him as an anniversary gift from a real good friend.  He's going my shelf right next to the rest of the JSA'ers GL Alan Scott, Obsidian(todd rice), Dr.Midnight, the Spectre, and Captain Marvel. I include Hawkman too because he's supposed to be the Carter Hall one now so he can be posed with both the JLA and JSA.

With that in mind, here's a short one about the man of the hour, Hourman:

Hourman's one of those characters in the DC universe that once I saw him, I was hooked;especially on the visuals. He has a nice looking costume, with the appopriate colors(unlike sometime eyesore GL Alan Scott's outfit) and an accessory in his hourglass necklace-thing or whatever.  Here's a guy that would have to change his origin story to fit more modern times, as I think getting super-powers from pills isn't exactly PC anymore. You know, it seems to send out the wrong message; "take these pills and you'll become superhuman", or at the very least super-crazy and strung out like a meth addict.  As an added story plot to further flesh out good 'ol Rex Tyler, they made him an addict, and then years later, his son Rick, became an addict too!  Makes you wonder what his teammates REALLY though about a guy who gets his super-powers from a pill.

"What time did you say the Betty Ford Clinic opened? Really? Hey Rex, I got a mission for ya'"......


googum said...

I think James Robinson wrote Hourman as being a bit more "Whoo! Yeah!" than most of the JSA, maybe a bit more likely to get tore up at the annual barbeque. But he was also one of their big hitters, so they put up with it.

How do you like that figure, though? I have the DC Direct Hourmen, so I didn't pick the new one up.

Dale Bagwell said...

I like the figure just fine. My only minor issue with the figure is the same one that most people have, and that's the lack of black shadow on the mask/cowl. Other than that, he's golden. Now I just have to track down Dr.Fate(he's expensive as hell) and Wildcat. GA Flash and GA Sandman are coming out in DCUC wave 19. I don't know when they're coming out though.

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