Monday, April 11, 2011

"Doctor O' Doctor...."

Just bought the DCUC Riddler, and he looks pretty damn cool! Sure he's not entirely new; standard body with a new face sculpt and he has a painted on belt, but still I like the overall figure just fine. I prefer this costume to his coat and hat one, so this one rocks for me. The belt though, they could have re-used Negative Man's belt for a cheap solution to that problem.  Found this guy at Target, where they also had Jonah Hex and The Creeper. Damnnit I had the chance to get him and the Riddler both, and skipped on it. Won't make that mistake again. Still, I got GL#64, and Vol.1 of All-Star Superman. So not bad. I'm still amazed how much money you save by buying the trade for only $12.99, which gives you the 1st six issues versus buying the 1st six issues by themselves @ standard price. Now that's savings I can get behind!

Today's Fantasy Fight concerns two superhero doctors: Dr.Fate and Dr.Strange. One was a real doctor, the other...not so much. Well he might've had a doctorate in Archaeology, but you get the point.

I have wondered for long awhile what would happen if these two masters of magic had to fight each other. Who would win?
Dr.Fate, an agent of order and chaos, or Dr.Strange, the sorcerer supreme.

It's time to find out:

Dr. Strange vs. Dr. Fate

Awaking, Dr. Fate notices he's not were he has been just 5 minutes ago. He remembers hearing an evil cackle of laughter before blacking out and awaking here. It's some weird dimension with nothing and no one around....except a familar cloaked figure who's also just waking up to his weird, new surroundings. Suddenly a ghostly image appears before Dr.Fate. It's Nabu, and he warns Fate that the stranger across from him is an evil sorcerer bent on enslaving all of humanity and countless worlds. Dispite never meeting this stranger before, the words snap him to attention; from here he sees a similar ghostly image appear before the stranger, but can't make it who it is. Dr.Strange notices the golden-helmited figure, but before he can react, a ghostly image appears before him. It's the Ancient One. The ancient one tells Strange that the golden-helmed figure is immensely evil and powerful; committed to enslaving all life and countless dimensions. Strange must stop him. The apparitions dissapear, leaving both men eager to fight one another dispite not knowing each other. The battle begins! Elsewhere Baron Mordo and Doctor Chaos both observe the two combatants, fiendishly admiring their work, and laugh......

Dr. Strange blasts forth simple attack spells aimed at figuring out his opponent's weaknesses, Fate perries and unleashes spells of his own. Both strike and counter-strike; trying to figure out the measure of each other. After many hours, perhaps days, no one knows due to the limbo-like dimension, both men are exausted. Strange casts the Eye of Agamatto to disern his foe's ultimate weakness, much in the vain of  his surgeon skills. "The helmet" the eye says, "is the focus of his powers. remove it, and the danger is also removed." Strange goes to blow the helmer off, but Fate counters, unleashing his order and chaos given powers full-blast at Strange. He hits Strange, sending his cloak off him. Strange recovers in time to unleash the spell of the Vishani, leaving Fate consummed in fire, and flying back in pain without his helmet. Fate races back to it, but is blocked by a containment bubble spell from Dr.Strange. In a last ditch effort, Fate unleashes all that he has from his amulet and blasts Dr.Strange. Strange is knocked for a loop, giving Dr.Fate a change to re-don his helmet. At doing so, Fate prepares for a final attack and unleashes a final ankh-shapped spell-blast from his fingers. Strange attacks at the same time, unleashing all he has againest Fate. Both men collapse as each is assaulted from the other's spell blast. Both men now lie motionless, lifeless. The battle is over, but alas, no victor emerges.....

Winner: Draw

Yeah I know, what a croc! No clear winner on this one, and guess what? I don't think they would really be one. Both are extremely powerful with a lifetime of magical knowledge. Even I would be hard-pressed to appoint a winner for this one, and I usually don't like draws.

So, who do you think would win? Write in and tell me who's the better magic man; Dr.Strange or Dr.Fate?
Oh and this Dr.Fate is the classic Kent Nelson one. Just in case you were wondering.

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