Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If you didn't already know, today is 4/20. What does that mean to the common man on the street? Nothing really, just another day like all the rest. But for other people, it's yet another reason to do what then WWE pro-wrestler, The Godfather's, favorite catch phrase was and "Light that mother up, and say Pimpin' ain't easy!" Or something like that. Yes today is a special day for potheads all over the world. You know who you are, so light one up for me and get happy.

I'm very aware of the debate about the legalization of Marijuana that's still going on today, but I'm not even going to go on about here. I'll admit to being in favor of legalization myself, but that's just me. Trust me there are worse drugs out there that are being abused today like Meth and Crack, not to mention seemingly harmless everyday objects like bath salts, paint cans, model glue, etc.  Now I'm  not dumb, I realize there's plenty of negative repercussions that would come about if weed was legalized. Even if it was heavily taxed and regulated, the potential for continued abuse and missuse would still exist. That's just the type of society we live in. Still I fail to see why marijuana's so vilified when you compare it to the more dangerous drugs like Alcohol and prescription drugs. If you smoke weed, the worst that'll happen is that you gain weight and catch up on lost sleep due to the munchies you get, then you fall alsleep from all that eating. Anyways, like I said, I'm not here to preach or debate the evils or missuses of weed. Like any other substance that's not naturally already in your body, the risk of abuse is equal to the addictive personality you may or may not have. Education is the key in combating ignorance and misinformation. The facts are all out there for you to make your own judgement, so take advantage of them and know your stuff.

On a somewhat related subject, considering how stressful and dangerous the life of a super-hero/crimefighter is, don't you think that maybe every now and then they're tempted to indulge in alcohol or drugs. You know, as a way to dull the pain and mental stress that comes with the job. We know heroes like Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner aren't adverse to a beer or few when they get a chance to unwind. So why not other stronger substances? I'm not saying Spider-Man should go out and smoke Crack to get over his crappy life, but aren't individuals like this prone to seeking out ways of helping them to cope every now and then?

Howabout this angle? It's little known secret that star athletes and performers sometimes take drugs to help them deal/cope with physical pain. It's bound to happen when you live such a physically demanding life. I don't doubt the same temptation haunts policemen, firefighters, and EMT's all the time. How could it not? Aren't they as human as us? We sometimes don't like to acknowledge they are, but they bleed and hurt just like us.  Soldiers too. I don't know how often this has been discussed in comics, other than a few "drugs are bad" stories that are put out to warn against the dangers of drug abuse. You know like the infamous GL/GA story where Green Arrow's sidekick is discovered to be a junkie? or when the Green Goblin's son Harry, overdoses on pills?  But what about showing the times when the stress gets to be too much and the temptation to find a chemical solution is all too real?   Maybe one day they will, even if it's supposed to be a "kid's medium."

See ya tommorow kids!


~Heather~ said...

You're so awesome baby. That shit is hilarious? What did you use for smoke?

Dale Bagwell said...

It wasn't easy, but I used little bits of paper. Rolled them up like joints the best I could. Smoked my own cigarettes to make the smoke effect, and blew it out towards them. It was hard as hell to snap pictures while blowing the smoke out at them. Only really got one good picture I could use out of all that. Should've been funnier. maybe next time......