Monday, April 18, 2011

...And Amazo was his name-o!

I recently snatched up a re-released DCUC Wave 5 Amazo figure from, and I must say he looks pretty damn good!
I know this is old hat by now, but I like him. I do wish the 4Horsemen/ DCUC would've sculpted or included some accessories or something for our favorite JLA android threat. He has GL's ring hand, but I would've liked to see him with WW's lasso as well as a GL construct or two to help really sell the figure. On the lasso, I think I'm going to make a custom one for him, out of either metal wire, or fabric. I'll post the finished results so you can see how it went.

You know Amazo's been around for a longgggg time. He's been around since the early '60's, June 1960 to be exact; and yet I feel like Amazo hasn't really had his time to shine yet. Sure he was the main villain, or at least one of the main villains recently in then JLA writer Brad Meltzer's initial storyline A Tornado's Path. He's had numerous sporadiac appearences before and since, but for some reason I don't think he's really had his due.

He came close in writer Mark Millar's guest issue of JLA during Grant Morrison's run. In that one, issue 27(Vol.4) March 1999, Millar has Amazo absolutely own the JLA! He takes out main seven, then takes down the reserves, and then after copying Firestorm's powers, he really lets loose taking out every other superhero that comes after him. It's not until The Atom shows up does things start to go up from there for the JLA. He tells Superman to disband the League, and somehow that makes Amazo stop in his tracks and he's suddenly defeated. Yeah I don't like how the story ended either, considering Millar really built him up to be virtually unstoppable, and then just by Superman yelling "The JLA is officially disbanded!" Amazo just freaks out and shuts down. Not a credible ending, but this was basically a one-shot by Millar before Morrison came back next issue for his 4-part take on the annual JLA/JSA meeting, So I guess a more satsifying conclusion to the fight probably wasn't possible. Still, makes you wonder if Millar was able to continue the fight next issue, what really could've happened.

I think this fight and maybe the one between Amazo and Batman and Nightwing, as well as the Red Tornado/Amazo storyline have been his best showing so far, but he's better than that. Remember how he was portrayed in the JLU cartoon? Unbeatable and totally bad-ass right? Not to mention writer Dwayne McDuffie's turn on him battling the JLA. He owned them until they were forced to teleport him far of in space somewhere.
Seriously think about it for a minute; Amazo's got all the powers of the original seven JLA members, not to mention he can replicate any other super-power he comes in contact with, how is he not a more credible threat than how he's usually written? Just as hard and tough as Despero is when you fight him, so should Amazo be. That's my opinon though, what do I know?

This is how it should be:

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