Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Love and dating: The She-Hulk edition

Well tomorrow is the big day, as Heather and I am off to VA to celebrate our 10-year anniversary.  Even though we know
the weather's going to suck, we're both going to try our damndest to have a good time.

Speaking of love, I believe like most people, everyone is deserving of love. To have that special someone in his/her life
that completes and complements them. But for some more than others, finding that special someone is harder than it should be. Case in point; She-Hulk. Seriously man, how many failed relationships has she had? If they don't die, they turn on you, then they die. That's pretty much a given in a super-hero's life. Still hope springs eternal, and the search for true love goes on. Let's sneak a peak into a recent series of possible suitors for Shulkie, and see how things went shall we?

It looks like the start of a beautiful...whatever it is they'll have or be doing.

See you next week folks.....

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