Thursday, April 21, 2011

Odds and Ends.....

Feeling really lazy today, so I guess I'll do what people like to call "phoning it in."  I figured I'd at least show off some of the skit pictures that didn't make it to the main posts. You know, like the deleted scenes people like to watch on the Extras feature on dvds.

Here's one. It's probably just me, but for some reason the DCUC Blue Devil figure's face looks almost like George Harrison circa 1987. You be the judge:

You can kinda' see it if you just add horns and make him bald. I don't know, must be all the wine I drank yesterday.

Speaking of Blue Devil, check out my ode/tribute to Family Guy in this left out scene:

Remember that episode? Classic Seth McFarlene. Too bad the current season sucks. Seriously, he was kicking ass with the earlier seasons and with less money. But now that he has an almost unlimited budget at his disposal, he gives us crap instead?  Tsk, tsk. At least American Dad's still rolling along with the funny. And no, I'm not counting The Cleveland Show because quite frankly it sucks! The 1st season was alright, but not that good enough to warrent another one. To me, Cleveland only worked as a supporting character that works best when he's embroiled into Peter's constantly crazy schemes. He's a sideman, like Quagmire and Joe, and should've remained as one instead of being shoved down our throats.
Sorry, that's just how I feel.

And while I'm discussing Seth Mcfarlene, my fiancee' and I have wondered for awhile, why Seth always includes animals in his shows. There was the evil monkey and evil chicken on Family Guy; Roger the alien(yes he's not an animal but is close enough) and Klaus the fish on American Dad, and Tim the bear on The Cleveland Show. I'm not complaining, so much as wondering why include animals in his casts.

Here's some photoshopped ML Thor and DCUC Spectre shots that never went anywhere. I was going to do a religion skit with these two, but it just never happened. Maybe one day.

Feel free to use these as wallpaper if you want. Your welcome.

Here's another potential backdrop/wallpaper option. I have a bunch of these if anyone's interested.

And finally........
 I don't know how many of you are up to snuff on the current Green Lantern storylines, but it seems like Sinestro's going to be a GL again. I don't know how Geoff Johns is going to pull that one off, but it'll be interesting to see how he does it. And yes, he's a villain and works better written as one, but Johns has been seemingly working on a "Sinestro Rehabilitation" for awhile now. So it's not like this is completely out of left field. Plus DC Direct's putting out a new GL Sinestro figure, so you tell me. It's been suggested by various comic message boards, that Johns is looking to restore things back to how they were before Sinestro went bad in time for the GL movie that's coming out this summer. I'm not really sure I want to go see this movie; mostly because they could've picked a better actor  than Ryan Renolds as Hal Jordan.  I will say the ugly costumes aside, at least the special effects look really good!  Maybe I'll rent it when it comes out on dvd. I myself prefer the last part of the Harry Potter movie series that's also coming out this summer; July to be exact. And then there's Chris Nolan and Christopher Bale's last Batman movie to look forward to next year. I loved the last movie over the first one, but quickly became disenfranchised with Bale's Batman growl voice. It got reallll annoying after awhile. Aside from that he's not a bad Batman.

Later bitches!!!!!!!!

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~Heather~ said...

Good thing your girlfriend is a pagan. Then whose books would you use? LOL xoxox

You can use my books anytime. I love you baby!

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