Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Top 10: Most Wanted Marvel Legends Figures (Summer 2018 Edition)

Haven't made one of these lists in awhile, but I figured an updated wish list would be fun to write about and post.

So here's my new Top 10 of my top most wanted hero ML figures I want to see made, that SHOULD'VE been made by now....

10). Blink

I'd prefer her classic look, but I guess I could learn to live with a figure made with her updated, more modern look as well...maybe.

9). Starfox

Starfox should be an easy figure to make, since you'll be using mostly reused parts, especially the new Namor head. Hasbro would be dumb AF not to go that route here.

8). Nighthawk (original look)

I myself prefer his classic look, but I'd be willing to make a small concession if they give him the same treatment as the new Black Knight figure, in that he gets 3 heads, so you get 3 different looks....kind of.  I think that approach would work to make most everybody happy. 

7). Quasar
This is the closest we've gotten to a Quasar figure; a smaller, MU 3 and 3 quarter inch scale version. Hasbro really needs to go ahead and pull the trigger on producing a Quasar figure for Marvel Legends line.

I'd personally prefer his look from '94, but if I had to, I'd be ok with one made featuring his latest, modern look as long as they do him justice.

6). Sleepwalker 

 5). Firestar (Classic)

How there hasn't been a figure of Firestar I'll never know. She'd be perfect for a Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends box-set, ammirite?
Easy to make too, since she'll be mostly made of re-used parts. Easy, peasy lemon-squease.

4). The Golden Age Human Torch 

3). Jack of Hearts (Classic)

2). Thunderbird (Classic)

1). Shang-Chi

 Sure he looks a lot like Bruce Lee....like A LOT, but still he's classic Marvel hero that has yet to receive a single action figure. You could either go for his classic, 70's look, or his more modern look.
 Get on it Hasbro!

Might as well do the villains next, right?
Ok here goes....

10). Count Nefaria 

9). Hydro Man

I'd prefer the classic version, but if they can make the modern look decent, even more decent than the smaller MU scale figure they made, I guess I'd go for it.

8). Whiplash

I'll take either version at this point, just as long as we finally got a decent Whiplash figure.

7). Puma

I'll keep beating on this particular drum until Hasbro finally relents and gives us a Puma figure. I think this one actually may get made soon the way they're going, putting out more Spider-Man-themed waves.

A proper Puma figure should come with at least two heads; one and even more feral version of Puma( they could always repaint the Capwolf head somehow) and a regular-looking Puma head. snarling.

6). Mr. Hyde

Considering how fucking massive he is in the comics,  it'd only make sense to do him right, and make him a BAF. Just makes sense. Plus you have can always re-enact his fights with King Cobra, and no I'm not talking about the 40oz malt beverage.....

5). Mimic (BAF)

Honestly if Hasbro wants to do this character justice, he'd have to be a BAF. Just has to be. That way you can give him the Absorbing Man treatment and give multi-colored limbs to put on. I'd prefer his original, classic look though instead of the one he received as a member of the Exiles.

4). Diamondback

I guess she's back to being a criminal again...right? Either way she's waaaaay past due deserving of her very own figure.

3). Attuma

2). Skurge The Executioner

We were sooooo close to actually having this figure, and then Hasbro slide the rug out under us at the last minute. Time to fix that mistake and give us what we need. You'd think Thor's last movie would've provided the extra stimulus to make this a reality sooner right?

1). Destiny 

You know what? What the hell, let's slip in another list and include my top 10 picks for figures that DESPERATELY need a do-over, both heroes and villains.....

10). Tigra

9). The White Queen (Both versions)

8). Mystique (Any/all versions)

7). U.S. Agent 

6). Nemesis (Holocaust)

5). Madam Hydra

4). Madame Masque

3). Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

2). Quicksilver

1). Marvel Boy (Protector)

Nice figure, but I'm sure everyone else really, REALLY preferred his Marvel Boy look instead.

-Honorable Mentions:

Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)

Captain Mar-Vel



I just fucking HATE this figure! Worse design I've seen in awhile. He looks like a cheap, GI Joe/Cobra knock-off you'd find at a dollar store. 

Much prefer his original, more colorful design instead


That's my list for now. We'll see how things change in the coming months and years ahead to see if anyone, from this list is ever made.

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