Thursday, July 05, 2018

Head Swap A Doo-Bop


Just randomly decided to take some pics of a little head swapping project I got into Tuesday night.
That new Cable body buck seems to be ripe for just that, as I experimented by using different heads I had lying around the spare parts box from my figures.

This is what came out of that.....

Old Man Thor/King Thor Head:

And now all of a sudden, he's Old Man Cable. 
He wouldn't be too out of place as follow up to an Old Man Rogers strip I did a couple years back.


Gotta' love that crazed, shit-eating grin/smile he's got on his face, ammirite?
For some reason that alt unmasked Bullseye head really seems to fit (well not size-wise) with the overall body. I think it suits him.

and finally......


That bearded alt head from the recent Colossus ML X-wave figure really sets the body off as well, easily complimenting the metallic arm.

 The alt battle-damaged Nuke head and regular Nuke head next:

Why there's even a shared awkward moment between the respective owners.

When you're battling yourself.....

Just fucking around with some head-swappin'. Shit's fun.

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