Monday, July 23, 2018

No Bat-Fucks Given

In case you've been away from the internet for a week or more, and I highly doubt that, you've had to do already noticed the big buzz around the latest (Teen) Titans TV series trailer featuring the particularly infamous quote heard 'round the world, "Fuck Batman."

And while it shouldn't be that shocking considering how much that exact phrase has to have been repeated amongst the many heroes and villains of the DCU at various times over the years,  it's the fact that his partner Robin (or maybe ex-partner based off the overall tone of the show and promo) is the one that said it right out of the gate that makes it so shocking.

So yeah, (Teen) Titans is apparently getting the Riverdale treatment and will be edgy AF considering the demographic.

Hey, I don't have a problem with it. Whatever, I may, or may not watch it, but at least the show's already doing its job in generating buzz a head of the premiere.

Here's an online article that helps round up most of the popular jokes and memes dedicated to this new Bat-Phenomenon now:

You just know if this was back during the Adam West Batman show and Dick had said that to Batman, Bruce would've whipped out the ol' industry bat-sized Bat-soap for the boy to chomp on......after getting spanked......probably.....

And it looks like Dick's not the only Bat-Family member to break bad......

If this isn't a PSA I don't know what else is......

Also in the news, director James Gunn is the latest celeb to get in deep shit for some bad stuff he said, which led to Disney shit-canning his ass off Guardians of the Galaxy.


Thanks to the beauty of the internet we nice little round up of old tweets Gunn posted where he claims he was trying to be provocatively funny and offensive, all at the same time.

Here's just a small sample of what he tweeted out:

Yeah, probably not a good idea to ever joke about pedophilia like that, especially if you're a celeb who's constantly in the public eye.

Now apparently even though these are old tweets from around 2012 and earlier, before the first Guardians' movie, someone at Disney and Marvel just had to have known this shit was out there floating around to be discovered right?

Surely he would've and in fact HAD told his respective bosses about those......right? I guess not.

As I write about this, there's already plenty of public outcry about this, both in support of Gunn, as in the case of Drax himself, actor/wrestler Dave Bautista, and those against him.

In fact as of now, he has about over 150,000 people who have signed a petition to Disney to re-hire him.

Yeah, good luck with that. Ask Rosanne how that well that'll work out for him. 

Look, I'm all for inappropriate humor and dirty, morbid jokes and shit, but making bad jokes about being a pedophile is dumb and really not that funny.....except if you happen to be an actual pedophile.
And for the love of Christ, if you're a well-known celeb auditioning for a big job that'll increase your public presence in the media, how about DON'T joke about pedophilia....or rape....or anything that could be closely associated to those things.

In fact, I've whipped a handy aid for all you celebs out there still debating on whether or not you should tell or tweet out a bad dirty joke:

You're welcome celebs.

I will say this about Gunn, he the was the best thing to happen to the Guardians' franchise, and now I'm curious who'll replace him. It's not going to be easy, especially since a familiar and well-working theme and tone has already been established. Then again, if Gamora's staying dead, as the rumors are saying, maybe a new change of direction will better reflect the changes that were caused by Infinity War.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I don’t even know what to make of that trailer on one hand it looks like something you’d see on the CW network but then you’ve got this “fuck Batman” shit going on so I’m just kinda like whatever. As for Gunn, down goes with another person who had a successful career in show biz that just fucked it all away because they couldn’t keep the crazy shit running around in thier head where it belongs.

Dale Bagwell said...

I believe the C-Dub is exactly where this series should've gone due to the overall tone of the show, but instead its debuting on DC's new streaming service. I guess that's the wave of the near-near future man, every major channel or organization, like Disney, will their own streaming service, no doubt causing other established streaming providers like Hulu and Netflix to raise their prices to compete.

But yeah, it's basically like how they rebooted Riverdale/Archie, same approach. I'd have to watch to see if its any good though. I know there's supposed to be a Doom Patrol live-action spinoff series, so I'm all for that.

Yeah I'm really surprised about the whole Gunn. Not that he said those things, just what it'll mean for the Guardians' film future going forward. Gunn set a tone that fans are used to now with those movies, so to see another director having to step in and all, I wonder how smooth and seamless the transition is going to be. Otherwise Guardians might be fucked. And what about Adam Warlock? Is he done now too????

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Even if you’re a GOTG fan, do we really need a 3rd film at this point? I mean I had a good time with Ant-Man & Wasp (although I was hoping for at least a brief Hawkeye appearance) but at this point do we really need an Ant-Man 3? or even a Spider-Man sequel? I’m cool with the upcoming Captain Marvel movie but other then that just give us more Avengers ensemble cast movies and I’m cool. As far as any kind of live action comic book character related stuff goes, if it’s not on Netflix I’ll pass.

Dale Bagwell said...

If GotG 3 gives us a proper Adam Warlock, then yes, it'll be worth it and then they can stop.
Ant-Man's ok, but I'll agree with you on not needing to see a 3rd one.
Really, as long as the sequels continue to make bank for the studios, expect them to keep pumping 'em out until they're no longer financially worth making.

I've been watching the shit of Netflix lately, just finished up the first season of GLOW, Ash VS. The Evil Dead (waiting for them to put the 3rd and final season up) and other fascinating documentaries and stuff.

I know I need to finish up the 1st season of the Punisher, but I think I'll skip Season 2 of Jessica Jones and seasons 1 and 2 of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Just not feeling those shows.
Naw, I'd rather watch Black Mirror instead.

Oh hey, out boy Dan's now an official toy reviewer, specifically Marvel Legends figures. Found that out some time back on Instagram so that explains why he doesn't blog as much as he used to.

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