Monday, July 02, 2018

Left At The Alter.....

Poor Batman.

He got left at the alter and made to look like a sad chump.

In case I'm spoiling Batman#50 for you (which I couldn't have because DC let the New York Times do that already) Batman and and long-time cock tease/fuck buddy/frenemy Catwoman did NOT get married after all the specials and stories leading one to presume DC was finally going to pull the trigger and marry off one of it's longtime confirmed bachelors in one Bruce Wayne.

But alas, it wasn't meant to be.

The official reason given by the runaway bride, is that Batman needs to be miserable in order to be Batman effectively, and a happy Batman would be a bad Batman, as in a Batman bad at his job because that's what happens when you get married.....I guess.

So she (the writer Tom King and editorial) decided to sacrifice her/their happiness so that he could be Batman he could be....single and unattached. You know, happy for a change.

Yeah, dumb AF I know. 

It's pretty much a bullshit reason, since we all know the Earth-2 versions of Batman and Catwoman sure as hell didn't have any problems getting hitched, with Batman continuing to be Batman well after they got married until he the day he decided to retire and become commissioner of Gotham. 

Plus we got The Huntress from the holy union.

    Personally I was 50/50 on the whole deal myself.

One one hand it would've been interesting to see it happen, not to mention finally making new stories even more interesting now that this new dynamic would be in place with a new addition to the Bat-Family.

I had a strip in mind to discuss all this, but passed because it'd be too long, and probably not funny enough.

Basically Damien would wonder, if Batman and Catwoman weren't getting married, if that meant she wouldn't be his new mommy anymore.

Yeah, probably. Plus pointing out that your real mom, Talia, would have a HUGE bitch-fit over that is a massive understatement.

Anyhoo, yeah Batman and Catwoman could've been happy....even the though on the other hand it would've eventually gotten dissolved/undone via some sort of CRISIS event DC's so fond of rolling out every so often.

Personally I think Selina's being dumb as hell. If she had decided to go through with it and marry Bruce, all she'd have to due is consummate the marriage, what how ever long it takes before she could qualify for alimony, and divorce his ass and being sitting pretty financially for a good long while.

Of course, that's provided Mr. Thinks of every contingency wouldn't have had her sign a prenup just in case.

    Poor Batman.

At least it gave us this:

He's got a point though. Depends on who you ask.....


Gary said...

I'm not a big Batman reader - I pick up a trade every now and then - so didn't know she was going to/has dumped him. I was aware of the build up to the wedding and sort of thought "Okay, it's really about time, go for it."

But no; I guess the status quo is the safe route to go - rather than do something new or different, or allow characters to grow, it's just easy to stick with what people are content with.

* sigh *

Dale Bagwell said...

Exactly. Plus I imagine just like Superman's marriage, it would've eventually been erased/undone anyways, but still. Point,

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