Thursday, July 26, 2018



Well damn.....who knew this was an actual thing?

No, seriously this is an actual thing, collecting real human tears and selling them back to people.
Don't believe me? Check out these links to businesses, big and small, that sell tears and/or the salt from tears:

 Hoxton Street Monster supplies based out of England sells salt from human tears, be it out of pain, joy, sadness, or even boredom. 
All this for only $38 pounds a piece! (11-47$ American)

Not sure what the actual ratio of human tears to other ingredients are, but boy don't those bottles look nice though?

The Hoxton Monster Supply store also sells other joke and novelty items as well, like Banshee Balls (gumballs) Fang Floss (yarn), Cubed Earwax and more. 

You can check all that out and more at their official website:
And as an added bonus, most, if not all proceeds are donated to various charities, so there's that I guess.

If you're someone has a lot of disposable cash laying around and you're in the mood to buy actual human tears, the fine folks at Lee Biosolutions has you covered.

For $158 you can get a 0.1ml sample of human tears, while $730 will get you 5 samples.
Huh, those are some pretty expensive tears man. They better be from a REALLY big movie/tv star for those prices. 

Another laboratory is also selling human donor tears as well.

Innovate Research is another official place to get tears, And much like Lee Biosolutions, those pure tears are going to cost you. 
Like $235 to $615 cost you. Yeah. And it seems for about same amounts as Lee Biosolutions.

Of course if those prices don't do it for you, there's always Ebay and Craigslist right? 


ok, maybe not eBay, but definitely Craigslist though right?

Besides the band Tears For Fears (that's a VERY bad deal btw guys) the only other two things this reminds me of is that one passage from the bible, Psalms chapter 126, verse 5 "Those who sow in tears, shall reap with shouts of joy."

Thanks to REM's video for their song "Everybody Hurts" for searing this into my brain.

That and that one episode of South Park, "Scott Tenorman Must Die" where Cartman gets revenge on his Scott, where he tastes Scott's tears after feeding his family ground up in a bowl of chili and has favorite band Radiohead insult him.

Still damn funny after all this time....

That's me for this week, have a good one people......

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