Wednesday, May 31, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: The Blue Beetle(Ted Kord) VS. Speedball

So I'm currently working on a project similar to the one I did with Jack Kirby characters some time back, where I created a banner that said Sons of Kirby on it using Kirby characters.

This time I'm using Ditko characters and it's turning out ok. I should be finishing it up by the end of the day today and then I'll show you guys.

Today though it's another exciting edition of So, Who Would Win?, with me pitting two sons of Ditko against each other as I pit the Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, against Speedball.

Okay. so right off the bat,it looks like Ted's at a distinct disadvantage since he doesn't have super powers like Speedball does. and what exactly are Speedball's powers?


(As Speedball):
Force field generation
(As Penance):
Energy blasts
"Penance can achieve a variety of effects with his newfound powers. The most commonly used are explosive energy blasts from his hands but he is capable of firing them from any part of his body via the conduits on his spikes. He can create storm-like fields of energy around him capable of harming those around him and smashing objects. He can focus the energy on parts of his body, often on his hands to form super powerful punches. He can also engulf himself in an energy force-field which gives him a degree of invulnerability and allows him to levitate off the ground."

Meaning he can create and conduct a personal, surrounding ball of kinetic energy that he can also use as energy blasts. 

So, here's my likely scenario for how they fight;

Receiving reports of mysterious sporadic explosions throughout the city on the radio of his flying Bug, Ted goes off to investigate. 
He drops down and sees who he believes is the person responsible, Speedball, who's in the process of defeating a gang of high-tech, flying thieves.

*Que standard superhero misunderstanding *

Ted leaps after Speedball who ducks the attack on to sound searing waves of thunderous kinetic energy blasts Ted's way.
Ted realizing he's way out of his league here, blinds Speedball with a blinding blast from his trusty BB Gun. Quickly escaping back up to the safety of his Bug to regroup, Ted begins to formulate a strategy on how to deal with this explosive, bouncing foe.


The Blue Beetle



Who and wins and why?
Let me know you think is the last son of Ditko standing in the comments' section.

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