Monday, May 08, 2017

So I lucked out pretty good at FCD....

What's up People?

How was your FCD? Get lots of shit? Anything good?

I definitely lucked out in finding certain issues to fill in the holes in my collection. Like how I know have the full set of Bill Mantlo's Jack of Hearts mini form the early 80's after buying the first issue, or #'s 1, 2, and 3 of The Weird from Jim Starlin and Berni Wrightson.

I'm also up to date on Gerald Way's Doom Patrol run so far, minus #5, but damn is that first arc really a good indicator for all the cool and strange future plans Way has for the team.

Then there's the first arc or two's worth of Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts run, two cheap trades; one the highly underrated Metamorpho: Year One by Dan Jurgens that really helps flesh out Rex's first year out really well...

 and an animation special trade of the 80's cartoon "Pryde Of the X-Men". Remember that one?

This trade basically retells that cartoon using the actual animation art. Very cool find for 5$.

Other than that, the rest were various back issues I've been looking for awhile, or comics I've heard about and always meant to get but could never find.

Oh and for the hell of it on impulse, I bought the DC Icons Harley Quinn figure. Hey she was only $20 (cheaper than on Amazon) and more importantly I now have an actual Harley figure to use in any future skits, specially ones with Deadpool and Joker in them.

I'll leave you now with this pretty fucked up image of Superman's dad spanking his son's ass, whilst said son is doing his best action figure impression....

Jesus Supes, really!?!?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

I used to have that Jack of Hearts mini the first issue wasn't bad but it pretty much goes down hill much from there. I remember seeing that X-Men animated pilot for the first time back in 88 at a Con in Oakland California. It still holds up well today and the animation was superb. I believe you can see it in full on YouTube? Didn't bother going to any comic shop for FCBD but there was at least one thing I would have been interested in based on the preview stuff I saw online.

Dale Bagwell said...

I think it still stands up pretty well for the time, and even though you can tell the year based off the animation, it's stil worth seeing.....just try to block out Wolverine having an Australian accent.

I liked the Jack of Hearts mini myself. I'm sure if you read his other appearances after that, it kinda' continued his story on from there. I even liked the artwork. Now if you want a truly dark mini-series to read, I highly suggest Comet Man. Dark as shit, but a very solid and underrated story.

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