Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fantasy Team-Up: Swamp Thing and Silver Surfer

Welcome to another edition of Fantasy Team-Up, where I pair up together two individuals or teams together that I'd like to see paired up for whatever reason.

Today, I'm teaming up two very iconic and classic characters from their respective universes, Swamp Thing and the Silver Surfer.

Why these two?
Because to me, these two are not your typical superheroes. They're not always about fighting the bad guy of the week/month like so many of their peers. No, instead they'd rather explore their surroundings and actually achieve something rather than submitting to the common status quo of the good guy fighting the bad guy.

And their usually not written in the typical superhero fashion either, as they're usually used to tackle deep philosophical issues.

In short, I truly believe these two characters are kindred spirits.

As to the reason they'd be meeting and interacting with each other?

Well, let's just say in my scenario, the Silver Surfer still works for his old boss Galactus, and is coming to the DCU to feed.

Due to his intimate connection with the entire planet, Swampy gets tipped off to Galactus' arrival, especially when a certain silvery surfer just happens to blaze through Swampy's home in the swamp.
The surfer delivers his warning to the people of that world, and is greeted by Swamp Thing who implores him to defy his master and help him protect the people of this Earth.
Because it's Swamp Thing and not a typical superhero like Superman or Green Lantern, Holland is able to talk and communicate with the Surfer on multiple levels, opening his mind up to the thoughts of everyone on the planet, even the wild life and vegetation.

This does the trick, and now Surfer has been convinced to betray his master, Galactus.

Now it's Swamp Thing and the Silver Surfer, teaming-up in a desperate attempt to drive off Galactus and prevent him from consuming the entire DCU.

What would your particular scenario be?

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