Friday, May 05, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: Star-Lord VS. Adam Strange


Who's excited for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow? I know I am.

I can't wait to hit up my designated stops (only about 4 stores are doing FCD this year) and pick up some sweet, sweet SWAG in the form old back-issues and probably some new stuff, finishing up all the current issues of Gerald Way's Doom Patrol and Jeff Lemire's Moon Knight series. Those are really the only current series I bother reading or picking up when I do hit up a comic book shop these days.

I did pick up some nice SWAG already this week.
First up, on a trip to my local Wal-Mart I just happen to find this two-pack that didn't know was already available in my neck of the woods:

It's the new Ultimate Spider-Man/Ultimate Vulture 2-pack that's a Wal-mart exclusive.
I bought it mainly for the Vulture figure so that I can finally have one, since I already have waaay too many Spider-Man figures at this point. Oh well, what's one more, right Googum? ;)

Then I went ahead ordered the latest Cyclops and Colossus ML X-Men Warlock wave figures.

Sure I could wait and hopefully find them for their regular $19.99 price in the wild, or, or, I could get them now but pay almost double per figure, Yeah, impatient me, went with that last option. Hey, in my defense (as if I needed one) that new Jim Lee-style Cyclops is REALLY hard to find out there.
So yeah, took care of that problem.....

Picking up on the GoTG theme from yesterday, here's a fun match-up to think about; Peter Quill A.K.A. Star-Lord versus Adam Strange, A.K.A, you know, Adam Strange.

If you ever wondered how a fight between these two Earth-born spacemen would go, well.....I imagine, depending on the set up, it'd be a pretty good dust up actually.

Now both guys are just that; regular guys like you and me, with no special powers or abilities, just their wits and bravery.

They do sport some pretty cool space guns though, along with some pretty damn cool space gear.

Here's my made up reasoning for the fight.....

Okay, so the GoTG enter Adam's adopted home, the planet Rann, on one of their usual smuggling runs, looking for some special cosmic artifact for their employer. Adam Strange gets wind of this, and sets off to investigate, and apparently due to a mishap/miscommunication, Adam Strange, with the aid of the native fucked up weird creatures and animals, attacks the GoTG's ship, forcing them to crash. They survive, but now how to contend with said native weird creatures.

Star-Lord takes off to face the guy who seems to be behind all this, Adam Strange.

Annnnnnnd, GO!!!!



 Adam Strange

Who wins and why?
  Let me know who you think is the last spaceman standing.....

Hope where ever you are, if you can, go out and go celebrate and enjoy any FCD festivities going on near you.
Have a good one people....


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

oh dude, speaking of all things Starlord and Adam Strange check out these two past postings...

if we're talking about the more original Satrlord version this match up is too close to call for me. by the way check your email when you get a chance.

Dale Bagwell said...

I did, who drew that picture you sent? I like it.

I think the original Star-Lord, as written by creator Steve Engleheart. has a slight edge in that he was more than willing to kill to further his personal goals if need be.
I love Adam Strange, but he'd lose to the original Star-Lord.

This latest version based off the movies? Idk, he's very resourceful, but doesn't take things as serious as he could. It's hard to pick a winner between these two. Fuck it, I'll give it to Strange.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

be on the look out for Swamp Thing issues 57 and 58. Adam Strange guest stars and it's brilliantly written by Allan Moore.

Dale Bagwell said...

And sadly they haven't been collected in trade yet, so I'm left to the tender mercies of the back-issue bins. but yeah, they really are good issues, even if I noticed some minor criticism about how Adam Strange is portrayed.

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