Thursday, June 01, 2017

Boldly going where I hadn't gone before


I briefly went through a Star Trek-loving phase as a young kid back in the day. It didn't last long, but for some reason I was very much into the franchise. I watched the Star Trek movies featuring the original cast as well as the re-runs when they aired by me and watched the TV show with the next generation back when it first aired.

That also extended to trading cards and action figures.

Back in 1991, the trading card company Impel put out a line of Star Trek trading cards right in time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise.


I don't know why I didn't collect the whole entire sets of these cards, other than I wasn't as into them as I was with the Marvel and DC trading cards out around then.

Shit I even briefly collected G.I. Joe trading cards around then too. Same company that put out the Star Trek cards, same time period.

Of course at the time I was already super into G.I. Joe anyways because of the cartoon shows and figures I was still buying, so buying the trading cards was just another extension of that.

Later on, but around the same time frame, while still on a Star Trek kick, I picked up a couple of Star Trek figures, namely Captain Picard and Data. Don't know why I stopped there, but I did.

They weren't bad as far as action figures go. They were 5 inches and sported no less than 12 points of articulation. In comparison some to most of my Marvel and DC figures at the time barely had even that.

Eventually I grew bored with the whole thing (and franchise) and moved on to other things,or really just moved on back to Marvel and DC (and G.I. Joe and Transformers, so yeah Marvel)

And I haven't had the itch or desire to really get back into Star Trek. Just doesn't do it for me like it briefly did as a kid. Does that make me weird?

How about you guys, did you own any of those trading cards or Star Trek figures?

Have a good weekend people.....


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

been and still am a long time Trek fan but let me be clear i hate the JJ Abrams reboots, absolutely fucken hate em. i also used to have some of those Star Trek trading cards my favorites where the ones that feature Starship profiles and the different aliens from the Trek universe. but i never did care for those early to mid 90s figures they looked cool in the adverts for them in the Trek mag i first saw them in but when i got my hands on a couple of them i just wasn't diggin em. these days i just have a ton of various ships from Star Trek, everything from classic Micro Machines to bigger die cast ones from different collections.

Dale Bagwell said...

Cool, cool. I have to agree with you on the JJ Abrams front. I did finally watch the first one, and while it was ok, it just wasn't as good as the originals. I've seen all the originals and even all of the Next Generation one, so yeah, Abrams not so good. His Star Wars looks better.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hearing nothing but good things about Wonder Woman can't wait to see it tomorrow i'll probably write a brief review on The Suicide Squad blog after wards. but first things first, about to publish a new posting on The ROM blog full of all kinds of 80s awesomeness.

Dale Bagwell said...

Same here on the WW, but I'm just not interested enough to go see it. If I do see it. it'll be me renting it. Just not into the DC movies unless they're animated.
I'll definitely go check it out your new post tho.

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