Thursday, May 04, 2017

Dream Waves: Guardians Of The Galaxy


Tomorrow Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 drops in theaters here in the U.S.
I'll definitively be going to go see it , and I highly recommend you do too, especially since it's already garnering rave reviews from those outside the US who seen it, already racking up 1 Billion dollars internationally.

Now Hasbro's already released the first wave of Guardians movie figures, with a second yet to show up, although it'll more than likely showing up in stores around late spring/early summer.

Now the second assortment contained some characters that made no sense, like Death's Head 2 and Ex Nihlo, and while I'm glad we're getting them, those spots could've and should've gone towards actual past or present members of the team, right?

Well today I'm offering free of charge, my two cents for who/whom I'd like to see show up in  any possible future waves.

Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 3:

1). Moondragon

2). Starhawk

3). Quasar

4). Nikki

5). Pip The Troll w/ Cosmo the dog

6). Aleta

7). Korvac

BAF: Charlie-27

Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 4:

1). Ronan the Accuser. 

How weird was it we never got a Ronan movie figure in the first Guardians' wave?
Let's rectify that by giving him, although an updated version of his classic look wouldn't be a bad thing either.

2). Martinex

3). Deathcry

4). Captain Universe (Gabriel Vargas)

5). Yondu (Classic)

6). The Thing (Guardians outfit)

7). The Collector

It'd make sense to go with the cinematic version even though I'd prefer the classic, iconic version myself.

BAF: Ego the Living Planet

Yeah, we're getting the cinematic version in a two-pack with his son in the movie, Star-Lord, but who wouldn't want to be able to build a whole freaking planet!?

That's who I managed to fit into these two pretend waves. What would your choices be?

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