Thursday, August 11, 2016

Top 5: Real Life Celebrities That Look Like Morbius The Living Vampire


You ever have those moments where you;re watching a movie or a television show, and you notice how a certain actor or actress really resembles a certain comic book character?

Yeah, me too.

So today, I've compiled a small list of celebrities that I feel really look a lot like Morbius the living vampire.

Should be fun.....

5). Ethan Hawke

Hey, he does have prior experience playing a vampire (Daybreakers anyone?) so.....

4). David Bowie

Unfortunately he can't now, but back in the day, especially in the late 70's, he certainly could've.

3). Trent Reznor

It just feels so right to go with such a dark and charismatic figure like Mr. "Grunge Jesus" himself.

2). Michael Jackson

C'mon, it's a no-brainer.....literally.....

1). Steve Buchemi

It's super obvious to me who could've played him in the early 90's, and I'm not alone in this; Wizard Magazine once cast him to play Morbius in a Midnight Sons movie.

It's true; look it up......

That's what I think. Who do you think might play a pretty damn convincing Morbius the living vampire on the big screen, or small?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

That's a good line up, so now we know about the "condition" Michael Jackson had that turned him white. Although not a great movie I still kinda liked Daybreakers and felt like it had potential for a good sequel and in general I found the plot intriguing. Ethan Hawk was good in it and we've seen what a good actor he can be with movies like Training Day and Till Sunset. Ethan Hawk gets the Morbius role as far as I'm concerned. Hey for someone who's become disillusioned with blogging you've been pretty busy in the past couple of weeks.

Dusk Kodesh said...

One addition, Nick Cave. My personal pick. I mean they even dress alike. Unbuttoned 70's shirts and all.

Dale Bagwell said...

Hey @Dusk Kodesh, what's up?
Yes, yes, I definitely should not have overlooked Nick Cave because he looks exactly like a horror monster.

@Shlomo: Ha ha, sho' nuff.
I felt a lot better after getting that shit off my chest. Luckily I'm riding a wave of creativity, so yeah, busy. Plus taking a lot of your words of wisdom to heart, and just putting all my ideas in here while I still want to.

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