Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Dream Waves: The Defenders

Happy Hump Day!!!!

What's up folks, welcome to another edition of Dream Waves, where I offer you the reader and hopefully Hasbro, a suggestion of a possible roster of figures for a particular themed wave.

This week, it's all about that beloved oddball team of heroes, The Defenders.

Defenders Wave 1:

1). Nighthawk

They made a Nighthawk figure for the smaller  Marvel Universe line, but not a 6 inch version for the Marvel Legends line. We NEED a Nighthawk figure. Do It Hasbro!!!!

2). Classic Valkyrie

The current modern version that was made in the Hulkbuster wave was pretty good, and they have made a classic version before as well, but not as good as they could've. Time to rectify that Hasbro.

3). Masked Dr. Strange

Yeah I know, we've already a shit ton of Dr. Strange figures being made, but not this one.

4). Damien Hellstorm

It really is waaaaay past time we got a Damien Hellstorm figure, so why not use this wave as a proper excuse. We'll go for the classic version first, then go for the modern version later.

5). Classic Hulk

We've had tons of Hulk figures in the past, but not too many that really captured the likeness of a Sal Buscema Hulk or a Gil Kane Hulk. Do it Hasbro!!!!!

6). Classic Green Trunks Namor

I didn't like the one we got in the FF  wave, so it's time for a true classic Namor figure to be made that a decent body buck.

7). Female Red Guardian/Elf With A Gun

Why not right? We got a the male version, so it'd make sense to make a female version since the female version used to be an actual member.

Oh, and she'll come with the infamous Elf with a Gun too!!!!!

BAF: Gargoyle

I think a character like the Gargoyle is PERFECT for a build-a-figure, so why not this one?

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