Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dream Waves: The JSA

That's right kids, this week's edition of Dream Waves is all about the JSA, and the figures I feel Mattel's DCUC line should've made before the line was cancelled.
Now while there were quite a few JSA members made, especially the quintessential ones, there was still even more golden age goodness we could've gotten.

Like these....

JSA Wave 1:

1). Johnny Quick

Still majorly disappointed we never got an official Johnny Quick figure to go with the other speedsters.

2). Liberty Belle

3). Johnny Thunder/Thunderbolt

Ideally this would be a simple two-pack, but they could still pack a small version of Johnny's Thunderbolt with him.

4). GA Mr. Terrific

We have the modern version, now how about the original Mr. Terrific?

This custom figure shows off just how good he could look:

5). Star-Spangled Boy

6). Vandal Savage

Another figure that really should've had his own figure in that line, Vandal Savage has lived a long time, and made a lot of enemies, so it would've made sense to make him, as he can go on any team's shelf really.

7). Per Degaton

Other than Savage, Per Degaton stands out as THE most well-known JSA villain. He should've been made already.


JSA Wave 2:

1). GA Wonder Woman

2). The Tarantula

3). Hawkgirl

While we did get a DCUC Hawkgirl figure, we never got a proper golden age Hawkgirl figure. Including a switchable alternate head would've solved that problem.

4). Firebrand

This version of Firebrand was not the first, and there were plenty of characters later throughout the years that would use the Firebrand name, but this one's more relevant to the JSA, since she was an ally and member of the JSA side-team, The All-Star Squadron.

5). GA Manhunter

We've seen the 70's version of the Paul Kirk, just not one of him in his proper Manhunter attire.

6). The Crimson Avenger

I'm going with his classic pulp look rather than the later red and yellow spandex he's sport later in his career.

7). Amazing Man

BAF: GA Robotman

This one would've most definitely been a simple repaint, with hopefully a new head at least, from the other Robotman figure of the Doom Patrol.

Those are my ideas for a couple JSA-themed waves.
Who else should've made the cut that didn't? Let me know in the comments' section.

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