Thursday, August 04, 2016

Dream Waves: Peter David's X-FACTOR

And Happy Birthday to me.......yay.....

Ha ha, in honor of my birthday, I figured I'd write another edition of one of my favorite columns, Dream Waves.

Today I'm focusing on Peter David's X-FACTOR, with not just one wave, but two.

That's right kids, you're getting both his popular 90's X-FACTOR team, but the modern ones as well....The one run by Jamie Maddrox, not his last corporate-run incarnation .

So, here they are Hasbro, free of charge, two waves' worth of figures........

- PAD X-FACTOR Wave 1 (90's):

1).  Havok

His '90's Toy Biz was one of my favorite figures. I'd love to see a Marvel Legends version to go along with his other figures.

2). Polaris

We're finally getting a Polaris figure in the next ML X-MEN wave, but it's not this look.
We need a Polaris figure in this look.

3). The Multiple Man

Can definitely have different versions of this guy, and I will show off his modern look next time, but this round it's his classic X-FACTOR look that deserves to be made first.

4). Wolfsbane

Definitely needs to include an alternative wolf head and hands.

5). Classic Quicksilver

Yes folks, believe it or not Quicksilver was once a member.... twice!

6). Random

You kinda' have to include him don't you? Plus there's a presidency there, since he had a Toy Biz figure in the '90's.

7). Forge

Why not Forge? He was due a re-do anyways.

BAF: Strong Guy

You knew, you just KNEW, a big guy like Strong Guy needed to be a BAF.
I'd love to a killer modern take on that Strong Guy Toy Biz figure from the '90's.

And here's some proof that it can be done Hasbro....

But wait!!!! There's time, I'll lay out my second wave of X-FACTOR figures, with the popular modern roster.

That's me for this week.
Have a damn good weekend people....I know I will.

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