Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Dream Waves: Peter David's X-Factor Part 2

So.....Last week I offered up, free of charge to Hasbro, my idea for a Peter David X-Factor-themed wave of Marvel Legends figures.

That was the classic 1992 version.
This time I'm covering the his 2nd run with the team back in 2005, when Jamie Maddrox officially took over as team leader.

Now I'm totally ignoring the Marvel Now version of the team (Which was totally different) and you guys probably should to.


-PAD X-Factor Wave 2(Modern): 

1). Jamie Maddrox (modern)

We almost got this exact figure back 2008/2009, but he got shelved for some reason( probably $ as usual) and fans have been clamoring for him for a long while now. Time to pull the trigger Hasbro.

2). Arcade 

I don't Arcade's had his won figure yet; certainly not a Marvel Legends figure. Let's change that Hasbro.

3). Shatterstar (modern)

We're rumored to get a classic Shatterstar figure from the next upcoming X-Men wave, so why not get the modern look too?

4). Longshot (modern)

5). M (modern)

You've got two choices of attire for M, either the first one, or the last one.

6). Rictor (modern)

Yeah I know, not much of a costume, and would it translate to an actual figure? Yes, but the sculptors and painters may need to fudge with the colors a little bit to make him pop. Or not....

7). Darwin

Why not Darwin? He was a member....

BAF: Mephisto

Sure, I guess Re-using the Strong Guy BAF to make the more modern one is an option as well,
but I also figured the marvel Legends line, has yet to have a Mephisto figure, even though there's a Marvel Select version out there (and very hard to get mind you). So, this would solve that dilemma,
And yes people, this iteration did indeed fight Mephisto.

Although they're certainly not the first.......

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