Wednesday, August 10, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: The Golden Age Manhunter VS. Kraven the Hunter

Happy Hump Day!!!!

This edition of So, Who Would Win? came to me Monday evening when I glanced at my shelf of figures, and spied the DC Direct Golden Age Manhunter figure. The one with his 70's look?

Yeah, him.

He used to be a rich, big-time game hunter named Paul Kirk who spent his days traveling all over the world hunting animals, 'till he got bored one day ans decided to hunt humans instead, specifically criminals.

He didn't have any super-powers or abilities other than just being a damn good hunter and fit for his height and weight.

Later during the 70's when legendary creators Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson, they upgraded Paul's fighting skills by having him to be taught martial arts as well as with other various weapons.

Then there's Kraven. We already know the deal with him, big game hunter who's herbally enhanced with a healing factor or and super-human speed, strength and agility.

In the the battle of the big-game hunters, who's the ultimate predator, and who's the ultimately the prey?


The Golden Age Manhunter Paul Kirk


Kraven the Hunter

Who Wins and Why?

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