Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Dream Waves: The Doom Patrol

Happy Hump Day People!!!!

In honor of my upcoming birthday tomorrow, I'm treating you guys, whether you like it or not, to not one, but two, editions of Dream Waves this week.

You're welcome;)

usually I mainly focus on the Hasbro Marvel Legends line, but today, I'm offering for free to Mattel, a  DCUC/DC Multiverse a Doom Patrol-themed wave of figures.

This is how I'd lay it out......

Doom Patrol Wave 1:

1). The Chief

The true last member you'll need to round out the original line-up.

2). Beast Boy

3). Mento

4). General Immortus

5). Madame Rouge

6). Crazy Jane

7). Celsius

C&C: The Animal-Vegetable-Mineral-Man

Here's a fun attempt at a very much Heroes Masher type of build-a-figure

Here'a very cool custom to show you how it could be done:

Doom Patrol Wave 2:

1). Rebis

2). Mr. Nobody

3). Robotman (Morrison Run Look)

Here's a truly dope-ass custom showing off what can be done:

4). Flex Metallo

5). The Scissorman

The nightmarish Scissormen would help give the the wave a villain that doubles as an army-builder.

6). Joshua Clay

Joshua Clay, a.k.a. Tempest, was a former DP member going back to the '77 incarnation of the team led by Nile's wife Celsius. He hung around after that until his death.

Here's a cool custom figure of Tempest:

7). Negative Woman

Another former member of that 2nd incarnation of the DP, is the woman, the Negative Woman.

C&C: Danny The Street

I know Danny the Street would be a difficult sell and execution job. So treat like a build-a-dio-set, and you should be fine.

That's my list and I'm sure I could probably push it for a 3rd wave, but I'll stop here for now.
Let me know what you think.

Also, here's a very well done customization of the entire team of and some of their villains by a guy named CharlesRouse Rodriguez:


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'm all but certain you know about the Justice League cover that Doom Patrol cover art is paying homage to

Dale Bagwell said...

Absolutely. DP#13 I think.

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