Thursday, May 26, 2016




If you haven't already heard or read, the big shots at marvel have now decided that Captain America himself, Steve Rogers, is and always has been.....a deep-cover Hydra agent.

Here's a link to a Time Magazine article, where Marvel company yes-man Tom Brevoort tries to explain away this new development:

Yeah, I'd love to see how they explain and ret-con this to comic and Cap fans worldwide.
Jesus, Marvel, really!?

That's it, I'm done......

.....I guess at least I'm have plenty of skit fodder now.....

Me too Cap, me too.
Hail Hydra?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

even before this Capt. America/Hydra shit i was done with marvel looooong ago. in fact i've been done with new comics period rather it be DC's shitty relaunch or IDW with their latest shit for ROM and The Micronauts. K.o.T seems to still find some redeeming quality in collecting new comics but it's all a waste of money to me. and it's not like i don't know any of it the trades usually wind up at the library eventually or random newer issues in dollar boxes eventually. now as far as i'm concerned the same goes for comic based TV shows (both DC and Marvel) to me they're all boring as fuck and a waste of time.
now K.O.T thinks the cinematic universe for DC and Marvel suck but i disagree i still find many of the movies entertaining and hence forth the only thing from marvel and DC worth spending any money and time on. and i would also include the occasional DC animated movie and ofcourse TV stuff like Justice League Unlimited, Batman (Paul Dini) and Young Justice. for me marvel has never been able to make any sort of animated feature that was worth a shit. i'm afraid other then some of the movies and the occasional cool find in the back issue boxes the comic industry has very little to offer me.

Dale Bagwell said...

You know, as cynical as you sound, you do make some damn good points about the current product when it comes to today's comics. I rarely buy new comics anymore from anyone, outside of a few very select comics here and there. Otherwise, I usually just buy older stuff and trades.
Now as you well know, Action Figures is a much different story. Marvel's got my money on lockdown like that, but comics? Nawww. Now the Indies is still a source/refuge of good and original material and comics that hasn't been ret-conned or rebooted to death, and God love 'em for that. Idk man, it's just symptomatic of the realistic problems of having characters that have been around for almost a hundred years. There's really no original stories or ideas anymore, I guess for various reasons, but for me, it's all been done. Comics don't sell like they used to, but due to the recent raging popularity of the movies, they'll be kept as fodder to use as story material for the movies to use.

Outside of occasionally watching Legends, I don't watch any superhero shows anymore myself. Now the movies are kinda a mixed bag for me, I like some of the Marvel stuff, and can't stand the DC stuff, except for their animated movies. That's the only area for me, where they're clearly superior to Marvel.

Idk, I know it seems senseless ranting about stuff that'll get retconned/rebooted/whatever, but it's still frustrates me to see such obvious lazy shit being passed off these days as comic books.

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