Monday, May 09, 2016

Random Questions That Keep Us Up At Night#808

What's up people?

Did you get a chance to enjoy last weekend's FCBD? Get any cool stuff?
I did.

First photo's of two FCBD comics I got, the Civil War 2 one and a Doctor Who one.
Bought Original Sin Annual#1, and two issues of Gail Simone's Surviving Megalopolis. It's really good so far guys.

This one's of the third and final issue of the DC mini-series Twilight, to finally complete my collection. #1 of Dark Reign: Lethal Legion, and #3 of Dark Reign: Zodiac. That Zodiac one's fucking nuts, but in the best possible way. Love it!

Finally founded two vital issues of Morrison's Multiversity epic, with Multiversity: Ultra Comics#1 and Multiversity#2. And for pure nostalgic reasons, I picked up Bloodstrike#5. Its the one where Supreme straight butchers the entire team( minus Deadlock). Not as shocking to me now as it was back then when I first read it, but still fun to see people getting fucked up in a very graphic and violent way.

This one shows off the final three issues I needed of of the Extremist Vector story line from JLE#'s 17-19.

Probably could've gotten this a little cheaper, but still, not a bad price for this first collection of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol run.

Only paid 5$ for this used TPB of the criminally underrated Secret Six series by Gail Simone, Secret Six: Danse Macabre.

#1 of Sandman Mystery Theatre (I think I have this one already) and from Alan Moore's Swamp Thing run, Swamp Thing#52.

Speaking of Swampy, did you know Mark Millar(yes that Mark Millar) had a run writing Swamp Thing back in the day? This is the trade of the last portion of his run, and it's pretty damn good.
It's called Swamp Thing: Darker Genesis.

This one features #'s 4, 7, 10-12 of The Shade maxi-series by James Robinson. Cully Hammer's work surprisingly fits the tone of this one, even though I guess I a more darker-looking art style might've been more expected.

This one shows off me finally finding the third issue to the truly, TRULY criminally-underrated Doctor Mid-Nite mini-series by Matt Wagner and John K. Snyder III, thus completing that collection, as well as Starman#34, and Ballistic#5. (Finally found at least one issue of Ballistic Goo!)

In this one, #'s 8 and 9 of Secret Wars. I figured, why not. And the first two issues of the just relaunched( again) Moon Knight series written by Jeff Lemire. Loving the art by Greg Smallwood, especially those covers. Jesus, what a prefect fucking fit!

Here's some more FCBD comics, The Devil' Due Mix tape 2016 featuring Mike Baron's Badger, One-Punch Man, Valiant 2016, 2000AD 2016(always enjoy those every year), and the new ROM series. Don't know if you've already checked it out Shlomo, but it's not a bad start that does honor Mantlo's run.

Finally, here's #'s 3-5 (of 7) of Deathlok The Demolisher, a nice 7-issue mini-series by Charlie Huston, you know, the guy who restored Moon Knight back to glory in 2006? Yeah, he's pretty much doing the same here too, but with Deathlok.

Still looking for those new Civil War ML figures, but I did buy this ML Black Widow figure. I guess $17.99's not bad, especially considering how much this figures goes for online, especially Amazon.
And that's my swag from FCBD.

It really does sound like he's saying "I wanna' ride the pony." and with gusto no less. No judgement of course;)

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