Thursday, May 05, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Iron Man VS. Ultimate Iron Man

TGIT and Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!!!

Yesterday I gave you a match up where I pit Captain America against the Ultimate Universe version, and today is Iron Man's turn, as I pit him against his UU doppelganger.

Much like his mainstream counterpart, the UU Iron Man was born a genius who'd later develop and successfully built the Iron Man persona. There were some some changes though for this version though:

  • This version of Tony was the biological son of Howard and Maria Stark, whereas the mainstream version was revealed to be adopted.
  • While in his mother's womb, she underwent an accident that radically altered both their genetic structures, giving Tony certain abilities the mainstream version never got.
  • Has regenerative and highly advanced mental capabilities.
  • Developed an inoperable brain tumor at one time.
  • Unlike his mainstream counterpart, this version needs a full team of people to help him fit inside his IM armor.

For the most part, aside from a few biological differences, both Tony's are more or less very similar, thus really making one wonder who's the better Stark.


Iron Man


Ultimate Iron Man

Who Wins and Why?
As always I'd like to read what who you think would be the last and true, Iron Man standing at the end of this one.

That's me for this week kids.
Hope you're as hyped about Free Comic Book Day as I am. I'm going out of town and hitting up the nearby shops to raid their plunder of free comics. Hope you guys can do the same.

Peace out.....

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