Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Whatever Happened To?.....Tom Lyle

Happy Hump Day!!!!

So a random thought occurred to me as a possible blog subject, especially in light of Darwyn Cooke's recent passing, about certain artists or writers we grew up on, but don't see so much anymore, be it for various reasons.

Well one name popped up in my brain, Tom Lyle.

Artist Tom Lyle was one of those dependable and constant guys you saw a lot, making his rounds at various publishers, especially during his hey day in the 90's.

I first remember seeing his work on the numerous Tim Drake Robin minis that used to come out in the early 90's, then again when he took over the adjective-less Spider-Man book. He had a nice run there before moving on to other Marvel titles and mini-series at the time, such as John Ostrander's Punisher title,

I always liked his style myself. I mean it wasn't like Jim Lee or any of the big-shot name artists, but his still was pretty solid, as was his story-telling abilities.

It's sure been a long, long while since I've seen or heard of any projects of his, even though he's still active in the comics industry. He does have his own Facebook page though, and I recently found out he's been an active teacher of sequential art at SCAD, or the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Hmm, I actually went there towards the end of '05 myself once, heavily considering enrolling before life happened. Would've been cool to meet him.

Still, don't see him in any regular mainstream titles, which is weird considering how in vogue 90's art-styling has been recently. And his art was very of its time, no matter how solid it was.

You can find him some indie work of his online though.

Apparently he's the artist on a series called the Chickasaw Adventures.
Here's the website in case you're interested:

Guess that answers that question, but it'd still be nice to see him on something more mainstream for once, considering how well his skills have aged over the years.

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