Monday, May 16, 2016

No Excuses

Sounds legit to me 'cause, why wouldn't Hal use a perfectly good excuse like that if he were facing a Sexual harassment suit?;)

Ok, so I don't know if you guys were already aware of this, but comic creator Darwyn Cooke died over the weekend after losing a long battle with cancer. He was only 53, so basically he died young.

It's more than a damn shame, it's a genuine loss of a real talent and a true comic fan, which showed in all his works.
To this day, my favorite work of his is the New Frontier, because he made me fall in love with his retro rendition of the Justice League, especially when the animated adaptation came out. It just hit on all the reasons why I grew up a JL fan, and why at the time, I was sorely wanting his version to be THE main current version of the League at the time. 
To say he'll be missed, is a colossal understatement, but as with many creators who have died before their time, he'll have plenty of company up there somewhere.

Forgot to mention last week how before I bought the ML Black Widow figure, I broke down and bought the Sharon Carter ML figure in order to complete my Red Onslaught BAF. 

Well he is completed, and I damn sure love ' much as you can love a giant Nazi, even if he's a toy.
Anyhoo, feeling impatient as usual for the next wave of Civil War figured to show up locally, I just bought Nuke and the Red Guardian off Amazon. Ah, good ol' Amazon. I'd be lost without you.
I gotta' tell yeah, I absolutely love both of them!!!! Nuke's got that cool Brock Lesnar face with another cool alt head and weapons. He's like a giant 6 and some change-inch, whacked out, psycho GI Joe.
 And Red Guardian's just as cool, with the nice finish on his shield. It'd have been nice if he'd been given another pair of hands, but figure-wise I'm more than pleased.
Just a friendly word of warning though, you might wanna' wait for the movie version Black Panther figure to hit stores near you, as he's going for a bill payment or two online, thanks to scalpers.
So yeah, I know I'm waiting.

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