Friday, May 27, 2016

Some thoughts about Hydra Cap and DC Rebirth....



I've had lots of time to cool down after initially hearing about Marvel turning Captain America into a secret undercover Hydra agent. I still think it's a dumb idea, or at least one better served as a What If? story.


After reading a reviewer's review and assessment on the situation, it got me thinking.
Basically the guy says all those of us who are pissed and lashing out on the internet, need to calm down because we're acting like marks. without waiting to see how the story ends.

Ok, that's fair. But still. Me no likie.
But after he explained three very likely scenarios that could be the reason why Cap's suddenly Hailing Hydra, I had to think about it.

His three scenarios/reasons are as follows:

1). The Red Skull(who's still alive and in full use of his mental powers he stole from Prof. X's brain as has been shown in Uncanny Avengers) could've possible mentally brainwashed Steve into thinking he's always been a Hydra agent.

2). Baron Zemo's posing as Cap.

3). The cosmic cube, which not only restored Steve's youth and super soldier abilities, is responsible.

Now, considering all three, I personally believe it's either the Red Skull, or Zemo, who's responsible.
Here's why;

-If it's the Red Skull, then this makes a lot of sense, and seems like the sort of sick and insidious type of think he'd do to this arch-enemy. It just does. Whether or not he's using his stolen mental powers to do this or using a cosmic cube to do it, much like how he altered the Falcon's back history, then, yeah, I can see the Skull's fingerprints all over this.


-It could also be Zemo's doing. Why? Because of acting SHIELD director Maria Hill. In the Avengers: Standoff event, Maria Hill attempted to answer the question we've all asked about why superheroes just don't kill the bad guys since they're always coming back no matter how many times you lock them up, or at the very least, the ones that are hardcore evil and unrehabilitative.  Hill, instead of killing them, decided to use SHIELD-grown cosmic cubes to place the criminals she had in custody in a Matrix-like environment, where they were not themselves, but instead living on as different people who were made to forgot their true selves. As is usually the case, the whole backfired, and the bad guys escaped. But they remembered what happened what was done to them and decided to get revenge on all parties responsible.

Well, Baron Zemo was one of those villains locked up, and he swore revenge.
Maybe he's in possession of a cosmic cube and decided to strike at his old enemy, Captain America first, in one of a series of planned attacks. How else to really to fuck with Cap, but to make him belief he's always been a Hydra agent right? Makes sense the more you really think about it.

So that's where I am at on that whole thing.
I mean yes, it'll eventually be overturned, as these things always are, but for me, it's just a silly idea in the first place. But what do I know, I'm just a mark....

I did find this in my image searches online though.
If you go here to the link below, someone's created how a Chris Evans Hydra Cap would look like:

                                        Cute. Very cute....

Now onto DC Rebirth and how Geoff Johns is blaming (in-story) the whole NU52 reboot fiasco on Dr. Manhattan.

Yes, that's right, Dr. Manhattan.

Apparently, Dr, Manhattan stole ten years away from the DCU and its heroes during/after Flashpoint, and because of this, he either outright created the NU52verse and put them in it or altered their reality enough to fuck everything up.

So yeah, now we're all supposed to blame the last 5 or so years on Dr. Manhattan.
Oh and Wally West is back, which is good, since he's the mystery narrator in the DC: Rebirth story. Apparently Dr. Manhattan locked him out of the main reality, keeping him from warning the others, but he's back now, as is Ted Kord and a few others.

And there's three Jokers.
That's right 3 Jokers....and one of them might've been The Comedian.

 That's what Batman learned from his time sitting on Metron's Mobius chair, when he was attempting to learn the Joker's real name. That there's been 3 Jokers running around in the DCU. Now whether or not Johns is counting different Earths or not, I don't know, but that's what's been presented to us.
How did Harley not know this? Or Batman, the DCU's greatest living detective? I bet he feels like such a horse's ass right now.....

And this is just the beginning of a very long endgame planned to span over the next couple years. So that means limited follow ups with slow reveals over time as to the motivations of why Dr. Manhattan did this. I know it's been suggested that at the end of the original Watchmen series, Manhattan was talking about going off to create live somewhere. Guess that's exactly what he did, or so we're lead to believe.

Here's a link to a good article explaining that whole thing:

So yeah, everything's pretty much back to normal, but it's all the Watchman's fault for the NU52 reboot.

Man if Alan Moore wasn't already pissed at DC and the comics industry as a whole, I'm sure he is now.....


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Dale, there's even an article in jweekly about the whole Captain America hydra thing. jweekly is a small newspaper publishing group covering Jewish related matters mostly in California. Haven't had a chance to read it yet I'm in Athens right now and I can only cruise the net on my iPhone when I'm some where that has wi-fi

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Dale, finally got around to reading this article during some down time back at the hotel and I garuntee you will find it interesting

Dale Bagwell said...

I don't get the Cap is a Nazi thing tho? Outside of this new development, sure, maybe, but the article was talking about other instances as well, as yes, the irony of that happening despite the ethnicity of his creators is redonkoulous. But, I can see the sake of story lines and selling comics, why that idea would be so seductive.
I know initially I was pissed, than I calmed down, and now could give a fuck less and laugh it off. It really is ridiculous to get so angry over something like that, because we all know how much of a cheap stunt it is and how temporary it will be. Besides, its not like they stole my Cap and what the idea of him means to me. It's really easy to get whipped into a fervor like that, but its so easy when joining or being backed up by a group of people. The whole mob mentality is very real.

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