Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dream Waves: Generation X


Generation X was another attempt at giving us teen X-Men again, much like the New Mutants were in the 80's.

Well I remember the very brief line of Generation X figures Toy Biz put out at around 1996, and they were pretty damn decent for the time but lacking in the areas of articulation and meaningful detail.

Well, I propose a Marvel Legends wave of Generation X figures made in the Marvel Legends line. Basically updated remakes of those same popular Toy Biz figures, but better.

Wave 1:

1). Chamber

Obviously a light-up version may not be a viable option, since you'd be sacrificing a certain amount of articulation, but a Chamber figure can still work. I'd love to see a Gen X box-set myself. Who else would be down?

2). Skin

The 90's version wasn't all that bad, and I don't see why an updated Hasbro version wouldn't be worth seeing. No doubt his skin-stretching abilities would have to really be showcased, so new parts would be a must, as would detachable arms.

4). Banshee
I actually dug this version of his outfit myself, especially and mostly because of the dark colors. There was dark blue variant, which was correct also. I'd love to see Banshee get another shot at a decent figure, because I didn't like the first one Hasbro made even though I still bought it.

5). Emma Frost

This figure obviously had potential, just never got fully realized.
I would hope Hasbro would make a much-improved updated figure, despite they're not really having made a truly decent and memorable Emma Frost figure yet.

6). Jubilee

Okay, so this one makes her original and classic 90's look, look like a genius design, but I think it could be pulled off if the figure was well-sculpted.

Of course the alternative would be to finally give us her classic look instead.....

7). Husk
Husk never had a figure that was released to the general public, so this would make it her true first rodeo action figure-wise. She'll definitely need an alt head, hands, and maybe arms, with re-attachable skin.

BAF: Mondo

Mondo just screams BAF, and that's just how I'd suggest he be made. Pretty much reuse what you can from the Absorbing Man figure, and the rest would be new parts.

Wave 2:

1). Blink

We'd finally get a Marvel Legends Blink figure, even if the 616 version died before the team officially formed. Hell, include an alt head of the 616 version, and you're set.

2). Penance

Obviously a remake would be vastly improved over this figure, but a Penance figure would fit this wave like a glove.

3). Synch

Synch almost had a figure made in an cancelled 3rd wave. No prototypes were made, so this one would be a true original and first time figure ever.

4). M

This would be M's first official figure ever if made. She almost had a figure made back in the day, but plans were cancelled and a prototype was never made.

5). Emplate

The main villain of the wave, is also M and Penance's brother and vampire who feeds exclusively off mutants.

6). Harvest Phalanx

This figure had potential, but just had the misfortune of being made in the wrong era. Nowadays he'd be pretty top notch, and articulated like a son of a bitch. Big fucker too. Almost could be a BAF if needed.

7). Marrow

Yeah, this Marrow figure definitely looks like it's doing its best Cynthia impression doesn't it?

I'd prefer seeing this version made instead.

 Or even this one.

BAF: Sugar Man

The only walking giant  walking head with arms uglier than MODOK is this ugly fuck. And much like MODOK, he'd be a perfect fit to be constructed as a BAF.

That's how I'd organize a Generation X-themed wave of figures anyways.
Hit me up in the comments' section to if you agree or could do better. Let's see em' people!

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