Thursday, March 31, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: The Avengers VS. The Avengers 2099


Alas, we finally come to the end of March, and with it the last 2099-themed edition of So, Who Would Win?.

Today, I'm choosing to go with a recent addition to the 2099verse, The 2099 Avengers.

They first debuted not too long ago during the whole Battleworld event, and seemed to bolster a pretty decent roster.

You had a Captain America leading the team, along with an Iron Man, a Hawkeye, A Black Widow, and the only member and holdout from the original team, Hercules.

Not a bad roster really. You have a small and simple core of characters with which you have plenty of room to develop if you want, if that opportunity had existed, which it didn't, but still....

So that's the roster for the Avengers 2099. The dilemma comes from having to pick representatives from the main Avengers team. Do you pick the classic 60's members? Do you come up with your favorites and put them on a team, or do you match them up by their appropriate counterparts?what do you do? I mean I guess you could go by who's the most consistently appearing member of the team  over the years and go from there, right?

Finally I said fuck it and went with their modern day counterparts because the Avengers back in 2009 weren't necessarily very Avenger-ish, as that was the age of the Dark Avengers and then you had Bucky's team of avengers and the whole thing just got complicated.

So, the 2099 Avengers will be facing the team of Captain America (Steve Rogers) Iron Man (Tony Stark), Thor, Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)


The Avengers


The Avengers 2099

Who Wins and Why?

As always, I'm curious to see who you thinks is the last man/team standing in this one.
And that's me for this week folks, have a good one......


The King of Thessaly said...

Love, love, LOVE Captain America 2099! Loved that Battleworld series, want a new 2099 one- for now she's in Spider-Man 2099 though. Loved how Hercules and Silver Surfer were just themselves... still around in 2099 because of course they would be. That was such a fun comic. Strange 2099 showing up with The Defenders 2099. Black Widow 2099 eating people... I really wanted to know more about Miguel in that reality...
So, uhhh- 2099 wins.
2099 FOREVER!!!

Oh, and when Surfer came back to Earth- he had to get his board back- from The Maestro! -And Surfer just casually shrugged off his attacks, took his board, and was like 'You're a real asshole now, Bruce' and left.

Peter David is so awesome!!!

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, he did? Gotta love the surfer, gotta love Peter David. His Hulk run's still my favorite.

Not sure how well that Avengers 2099 series did sales-wise, but it looked good enough for Marvel to maybe invest in another mini.

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