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Dream Waves: The Midnight Sons

Happy Hump Day bitches!!!!!

Ok, so for this week's edition of Dream Waves, I'm digging deep into 90's marvel comics lore and pulling out a team that only a decade like the 90's could've spawned, The Midnight Sons.

Yes the Midnight Sons, an erstwhile Defenders-eque team with a decidedly horror theme.
If I had to compare them to a current existing team, it'd probably be Justice League Dark, just, but more B/C-list-ish.

Created exclusively by Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze to fight Dracula's daughter Lilith and her evil brood called the Lilin, The Midnight Sons were in part marvel's attempt to counter the very popular Vertigo imprint over at DC, and part 90's horror revival from the 70's.

While the Midnight Sons didn't last long, almost lasting two years, there has been various incarnations throughout the years, with the last latest version being the team led by Morbius the living vampire, both in the mainstream MU and the Marvel Zombie-verse.

There was talk a couple years back at Marvel about a Midnight Sons revival, but nothing really ever came of it, and the closest we've gotten to any Midnight Sons-related action figures, would be the late 90's Ghost Rider wave of toys, and then the various MS members that have been produced in the Marvel Legends line.

I'd love to see a Midnight Sons exclusive wave myself, so that's what I've come up with, as I've created my own personal wave of Midnight Sons figures, hell two of them!

So sit back and enjoy and see what an official Marvel Legends Midnight Sons wave of figures could and should look like....

Wave 1:

1). Ghost Rider (Classic)

Now I know we just got a new GR figure recently, and there's already been a Danny Ketch version already released early on during the Toy Biz era, so I'd go in the opposite direction and make a classic Ghost Rider. That's right, a classic GR. There's really only been two made, but it was a Marvel Select  figure,  and Marvel Universe 3-inch figure, so I'd rectify that and break from tradition by including the classic GR in this wave. Unusual? Sure, but at least we'd finally have a classic GR figure.

And here's what it could look like:

2). Johnny Blaze

Once Johnny Blaze successfully separated himself from Ghost Rider and GR found himself a new host, Blaze was pretty much a regular guy with regular abilities. He grew his hair out, started wearing a trench-coat. Besides still riding a motorcycle, he also seemed to keep the top half of his old GR look, started carrying around a shotgun that shot hellfire.

And this is what a Blaze figure could look like:

Or this from when he was forced to wear armor after being badly damaged:

3). Damien Hellstorm (Classic)

Now here's a longtime Marvel character that hasn't had his own figure yet, but should. The only reason I can think of is that all those Mother's and religious groups would throw a bitch fit if he ever showed up at Walmart. But shit, have they seen the other types of figures that have made on the shelves there?
If it was such a concern for Hasbro, then I recommend going with his classic look, and leaving out the Son of Satan surname. But seriously, it's way past time to give the devil's son his due in action figure form.

Here's DAMIEN!!!!

4). Dr. Strange (Midnight Sons look)

While we just got the now outdated Marvel NOW! version of the good doctor, this version, his Midnight Sons look is another quintessential Dr. Strange design that needs to be made. It's very much a darker update of his late 60's masked look, but with a sweet, but dark color scheme. Face it folks, it just wouldn't be a Midnight Sons wave with an appearance by Dr. F'N Strange.

Sadly, I haven't found any custom figures of this version though. Strange.

5). Blackout

Blackout's another member of the Lilin and longtime foe of Ghost Rider so he definitely deserves a spot in this wave. I mean shit, who is Ghost Rider gonna' beat up and practice his  his penance stare on?

Here's a couple ways he could look like:

6). Centurious

Centurious is ancient wizard who sold his soul to Mephisto in return for power to rescue his love from the cult of Zarathos. He managed to do it, but found he couldn't love her because he had no soul. This pissed him enough to decide to make Zarathos and  anyone associated pay dearly. Don't know why he chose to join Lilith since she and Zarathos were tight, but whatever.
He's got a pretty decent design, and he rounds out the Lilin group with Blackout and Outcast, so there's that too.

Here's what he could look like:

7). Lilith

The main queen boss bitch that caused so much trouble for the Midnight Sons deserves here own figure by now. After all, gotta' have queen b to fuck with the rest of your Midnight Sons figures right?

Here's what an idea of what she'd look like:

BAF: Zarathos

Zarathos was originally the main demon who was mystically bonded to Johnny Blaze by Mephisto to create Ghost Rider. He was later separated from GR and went on to be reborn by Lilith to cause trouble for the Midnight Sons. I don't see why Hasbro couldn't repaint and use some parts from the recently released Dormamuu BAF figure. Or he could be a completely new figure, either way we'd finally get a Zarathos figure.

Wave 2:

1). Blade (Midnight Sons look)

This was Blade's look during the early 90's as he was a member of both the Nightstalkers (with Frank Drake and Hannibal King) and the Midnight Sons.  I don't remember Blade ever having an action figure from this era, so now he would.

And of course this is what it could look like:

2). Jennifer Kale

This would mark the first time powerful mystic sorceress Jennifer Kale ever got an figure, so there's that, and yes, she was a member of a Midnight Sons team, just not the classic version. Still, it'd be a fine opportunity to give her her own figure.

3). Werewolf By Night (Jack Russel)

Yes, I'm aware that there's already an ML Jack Russel figure that's been made, but that was in a box-set, and not really as readily available as this one would be. Plus he'd be slightly updated version to go with the Marvel Zombie version of the Midnight Sons that he was a part of.

4). Morbius (Midnight Sons look)

Yes I know we just got a new Morbius figure already, but who wouldn't want a proper Midnight Sons-era Morbius to go with a Midnight Sons wave?

And here's what he could look like:

5). Hannibal King

A vampire detective and longtime friend of Blade who formed the Nightstalkers with him, Hannibal King would be an interesting and perfect addition to this wave. Plus he's got like two main looks to choose from. Now will they base his likeness off Ryan Reynolds when Reynolds portrayed in the last Blade movie, or give him his own face?

6). Scarecrow

I picked this creepy bastard because he's a longtime GR foe and because he also worked with Lilith back during the MS period. I love the visual looks he's wearing, 'cause he makes it work, and if we got an actual figure, Hasbro would have to include his signature pitchfork and attack crow birds as well, like this:

I guess the only main deterrent would be DC possibly opposing this form happening since they already have a much more well-known villain also named Scarecrow on their end.

7). Outcast

I guess you gotta' have this big lug and enforcer-type for creating your own Lilin group out of this wave, so not get this big bastard? Plus he's been made before back in the late 90's in that aforementioned Ghost Rider line.

BAF:  Man-Thing

Sure there's already a Man-Thing figure that was put out by Toy Biz some years back, but shit, that doesn't mean we can't get a slightly different-looking giant-sized Man-Thing right?


BAF: Mr. Hyde

As an alternative to Man-Thing, what about a character that hasn't had an action figure made of him yet, in Mr. Hyde?

He's an old-school villain who's been around for years and has fought everyone from Thor to Spider-Man to Ghost Rider.
It's time he got his due and his own action figure, and trust me for a huge mother fucker like him, he's got to be a BAF.

And here's how he could look like:

That's my list, whatta' think? Who did I miss, and what would your dream wave of Midnight Sons figures look like?


luke allen said...

Well, we are getting a new Man-Thing and finally for the first time since the movie figure, getting a proper comic book Blade fig. So, the team's starting to slowly form

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah it is isn't it? Just bought all the new Netflix figures, successfully building that Man-Thing BAF. Love it.

Thanks for stopping by Luke Allen.

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